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MIR gallery hosts Miranda Herrick’s “Works and Days”

If you haven’t seen Miranda Herrick’s “Works and Days” exhibition at the newly opened MIR Gallery, you must schedule it into the remaining November calendar!  Amazing for a number of reasons and on many levels – not the least sheer beauty – the show is a visual tour de force that should not be missed.

The exhibition of 365 pen and ink drawings, a different design completed for each day in 2007, is entirely unique in design and color and a delight by any visual standard.  Each piece stands alone by its attention to detail, precision in execution, and impressive imaginative variety of geometrical play.  Hung together as a body of work, however, the impact is striking to any viewer stepping into this newly opened gallery in downtown Nashville’s Arcade Building.  The 7-by-7 inch drawings completely cover the walls of the upper balcony space in a tightly hung color-wheel representation of the year; the impact on the visual senses upon entering is awe-inspiring. 

The artist describes her process as “structured and meditational.”  She imposed an organizational discipline by having each month represented by one of the 12 tertiary colors.  Progressing clockwise from the left with red tones of January, one proceeds through oranges, yellows, and greens in the spring months into cooler aqua, teal greens of summer; then blues of fall; and finally purples of December back at the entranceway.  In this way the eye experiences the satisfaction of a certain visual cohesiveness in the progression through days, months and seasons.  But additional visual delights are promised through the astounding variation found in the detailed patterns that Herrick has created, each entirely distinctive and unmatched.  Herrick states she is “interested in the link that has been created by my effort on a given day and whatever emotional attachment a viewer may have for that day.  Each drawing is a nod to those attachments, an offering in good faith.”

MIR Gallery, jointly owned and operated by Miranda Herrick and Henry Scott, is the newest space to open in the Arcade Building (#44) in downtown Nashville.  Located on the block between Union and Church Streets and accessible from either 4th or 5th Avenue, it is open Tuesdays and Saturdays 11:00 to 4:00 or by appointment (615-522-8906, ).  “Works and Days,” its first show, will be up through November 29th.  Make seeing it a November priority!


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