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State Senate 1st day legislation bin fills up, awaits committee assignments

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey calls 106th TN Senate into session
Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey calls Senate into session

When the 106th Tennessee General Assembly convened January 13th, along with administering oaths of office and electing Senatorial and House officers, the Tennessee General Assembly also filed a slate of legislative bills for this session. These bills represent the initial onslaught of favored governmental proposals expected be to placed before the now GOP-dominated legislature.

Here is summary listing details of some of the introduced legislation:

SB0003 By Beavers, Election Laws- as introduced, requires a voter to present qualified photographic identity before voting; voters without proper identification shall be allowed to cast a provisional ballot. Amends TCA Title 2, Chapter 7. [House companion bill: HB0009 by Waver]

Senator Bill Ketron

SB0005 by Ketron, Election Laws- as introduced, requires identification and proof of citizenship for voter registration, requires voters present qualified photo identification before voting, those without valid credentials shall be allowed to cast a provisional that would be counted only after the election commissioner verifies the voter’s status. Amends TCA Title 2, Chapter 2 and Title 2, Chapter 7. [House companion bill: HB0010 by Maggart]

HB0031 by Hardway, Election Laws- as introduced, requires a county election commission to accept and not return a mail voter registration form received within seven days prior to the registration deadline if the form lacks postage or has insufficient postage.

HB0198 by Casada, Election Laws- as introduced, requires election officials to inspect filings for sufficiency and timelines, establishes conclusive presumption that accepted filings are sufficient and timely filed.

SJR0001 by Norris, Constitutional Amendments- adds provisions establishing the right to hunt, fish and harvest game subject to reasonable rules and regulations; establishes standard for reviewing such rules and regulations.

HJR0017 by Moore, Constitutional Amendments- as introduced, extends terms of members of the House of Representatives from two to four years and terms of the Senate from four to six years.

State Rep. Brian KelseyHJR0003 by Kelsey, Constitutional Amendments- Purposes an amendment to clarify the constitutional language that currently prohibits the levying of a tax on any class of income, other than income derived from stocks and bonds, and to prohibit any tax levied on or measured by employer payrolls.

HB0012 by Kelsey, Constitutional Amendments- as introduced, provides that the publication requirement mandated by Article XI, Section 3, is satisfied if the proposed constitutional amendment is timely posted on the official Web site of the Secretary of State or on the official Web site of the General Assembly. [Companion bill SB0111 by Black] Amends TCA Title 3, Chapter 2.

SJR0025 by Black, Constitutional Amendments- as introduced, proposes a constitutional amendment to require a two-thirds vote by the Senate and a two-thirds vote of the House of Representatives in order to approve legislation that seeks an increase in appropriations in excess of the Copeland spending cap for any fiscal year.

SJR0011 by Kyle, Memorials, Congress- Urges Congress to enact the federal stimulus package proposed by the President.



  1. I would encourage everyone to look at the bills that Turner has listed, do a little internet snacking on the issues, contact your Rep. and Sen., ask questions, and then let them know where their constituients stand. You could help inform us all by writing an article on what you have learned or on your opinon, and start a dialogue.

    But that is only half of what needs to be done. We also need to follow up on how are Reps and Sens voted, and hold them accountable.


    • Blayne,

      This is so true. There is a myriad of bills that represent a conservative onslaught on personal freedoms and liberties being moved thru our general assembly. Most will never be discussed or announced to the general population. We must seek out this info, which thankfully can be found at the general assembly’s website and tracked from there as well. Anti-GBLT legislation is also afoot at Legislative Plaza under SB0078 by Senator Paul Stanley. It opens with words of devotion to protecting the traditional perspective of marriage and then assaults rights of people in unsanctioned relationships to adopt a minor child in Tennessee. GBLT couples are lumped in with unmarried heterosexual couples as being unsanctioned, by the state under this bill, relationships. Don’t you just love it!

    • A good way to confront this intolerance and discrimination is to participate in the Feb. 10th NAACP Legislative Day On The Hill and then again on Feb. 17th, join TEP for Advance Equality Day on the Hill. Check this outlet for stories on both upcoming events and get involved. The Republicans are not sitting around slicking their wounds. They’re angry and hunger for red meat! Preferably yours!

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