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Thousands of Clarksville Montgomery County students to help their own hearts – and the hearts of others


American Heart AssociationNashville, TN – It’s never too early to start taking care of your heart. And a great time to start is February – American Heart Month.

To promote their students’ health, many Montgomery County schools will be teaching heart health to students that month and raising awareness through various American Heart Association programs and events.

American Heart - Jump Rope for Heart

Last year, more than 19,000 Montgomery County students took part in these programs and raised $76,000 for the association’s mission.

In elementary schools, the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart program teaches kids about healthy hearts and doing good for others at the same time. The program incorporates lessons on heart health and students jump rope as a way to both increase their own physical activity and raise funds to help others’ hearts.

In middle schools, Hoops for Heart incorporates basketball and heart health lessons and competitions.

In high schools, RED OUT has students raising awareness of heart health and “doing good” by supporting the mission of the American Heart Association through T shirt sales, which they then wear at a sporting event, such as a basketball game.

For more information on how to get your school involved, visit

The activity kicked off last Friday the 17th with Glenellen Elementary, who held an assembly where a jump rope team visited from outside the school to demonstrate rope skills.

Their program continues as follows:

January 23rd-February 7th: Glenellen Elementary

Daily Jump Rope For Heart activity in classes
January 23rd through February 7th
9:30am-10:15am 5th Grade
10:20am-11:05am 4th Grade
11:35am-12:20pm 3rd Grade
12:55pm-1:40pm 2nd Grade
1:45pm-2:30pm 1st Grade
2:35pm-3:20pm Kindergarten



This school raised over $12,000 last year. They have almost 1000 students and a lot of military families. Heart connections: The program coordinator’s sister was born with a hole in her heart. The school also has a sibling of a student that was born with a heart abnormality.

The list of Montgomery County schools participating in programs in the next weeks, with event dates noted:

JRFH: Jump Rope for Heart (elementary schools)
HFH: Hoops for Heart (middle schools)
ROFH: RED OUT (high schools)

JRFH 2013-2014 East Montgomery Elementary School 2/7/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 St Bethlehem Elementary School 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Reconciliation Evangelistic Outreach Center 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Glenellen Elementary School 2/14/2014
JRFH/HFH 2013-2014 Richview Middle School 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Woodlawn Elementary School 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Cumberland Heights Elementary School 2/14/2014
JRFH/HFH 2013-2014 Sango Elementary School 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Montgomery Central Elementary School 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Moore Magnet School 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Liberty Elementary School 2/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Immaculate Conception School 2/21/2014
ROFH 2013-2014 West Creek High School 2/21/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Jackson Elementary School 2/21/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Northeast Elementary School 2/21/2014
JRFH/HFH 2013-2014 Rossview Elementary School 2/21/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Ringgold Elementary School 2/21/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Carmel Elementary School 2/21/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Hazelwood Elementary School 2/27/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Barkers Mill Elementary School 2/28/2014
HFH 2013-2014 West Creek Elementary School 3/13/2014
HFH 2013-2014 Montgomery Central Middle School 3/13/2014
JRFH/HFH 2013-2014 Clarksville Academy 3/14/2014
JRFH 2013-2014 Byrns Darden Elementary School 3/14/2014
JRFH/HFH 2013-2014 Norman Smith Elementary School 3/14/2014
HFH 2013-2014 Kenwood Elementary School 3/28/2014
HFH 2013-2014 Mahaffey Middle School 4/25/2014




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