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Judicial Candidate Eric Yow Trained By National Judicial College

Election-2022Clarksville, TN – On Friday, October 29th, 2021 Judicial Candidate Eric Yow completed his coursework at The National Judicial College at the University of Nevada Reno, participating in the Judicial Academy: A Course for Aspiring Judges. 

Created more than a half-century ago at the recommendation of a U.S. Supreme Court justice, The National Judicial College remains the only educational institution in the United States that teaches courtroom skills to judges of all types from all over the country, Indian Country, and abroad. 

NJC’s mission is profound: Making the world a more just place by educating and inspiring its judiciary.  Yow sought acceptance into the program earlier this year, further preparing himself for the role of Judge, and was the only applicant admitted from the State of Tennessee.

“My experience at The National Judicial College was intense and incredible.  Having the opportunity to study at the feet of experts, seasoned Judges, and Chief Court Justices of various State Supreme Courts was absolutely amazing.  I feel more confident than ever in my ability to serve the people of Montgomery County as General Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge.  With this training, I am more well-equipped to handle the challenges faced by our community and its citizens in a way that assures fairness, in every case, and access to justice for all people.” 

Eric J. Yow


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