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Clarksville City Councilperson Karen Reynolds – Ward 9 Newsletter, November 1st

Written by Karen Reynolds
Clarksville City Council Ward 9

City of Clarksville - Ward 9Clarksville, TN – The City of Clarksville is requesting input for the CTS Transit Center Relocation and the Frosty Morn building.

Your input is very important. Your responses will help ensure that your recommendations are heard and understood. Not having enough respondents will leave the City unable to determine the view of various community members throughout the City.

Therefore, your responses are critical in ensuring that the City has the best information possible when developing the Frosty Morn – Rebuilding for All! project plans and selecting a new site for the transit center.

In case you all weren’t aware, our City was one of three cities in the nation to win a spot in the Mayor Innovative Design Cohort for the Frosty Morn building renovation. The Cohort is a national partnership between The American Institute of Architects and the Mayors Innovation Project to help build zero-carbon, resilient, healthy, and equitable cities. So, let’s rebuild Frosty Morn – for All!

Please let me know if your concerns or questions.


Link to Agenda – Executive Session 28 Oct 2021

Special Session

ORDINANCE 57-2021-22 Amending the Operating and Capital Budgets for Fiscal Year 2022 for Governmental Funds (ORDINANCE 130-2021-22) to repair the City Hall air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Passed – I voted Yes PAGE 239

The Interim Director of Schools, Dr. Huff and Mr. Norm Brumblay, the Chief Operations Officer (COO) from the Montgomery County School System which I requested due to the concerns for our growth in the city and overcrowding of our schools.

A few points discussed:

  • On average, we add 677 students annually tach year the schools are at an average of 95% capacity
  • Kirkwood School System – 3 school complex, with a 4,500 capacity
  • Middle School: Open August 2022
    • 1200 students expandable to 1500 students
    • High School to Open in 2023
    • Comprehensive Rezoning to fill new schools using a 3rd party to construct the maps
    • The school system will publish for comment – this will open soon with public comment
    • Link to School System Timeline
      • November – feedback from the community and public hearings
      • Options developed in December and more public feedback,
      • January – Develop proposal Present to the school board after the final public forum
      • February – Final decision made

ORD 56-2021-22 Reapportioning the City of Clarksville for the Purpose of Electing Persons for the Office of City Council [Citywide Reapportionment – 2020 Census] PAGE 73

The Montgomery County rezoning map is available for review and comment at the link above.

The City of Clarksville will vote on the redistricting map and it will then be published on the Montgomery County Website for public comment.

Montgomery County Election  Commision – Redistricting 2021

City of Clarksville Reapportionment Follow Up Presentation 1st Reading

Planning Commission – Zoning Ordinance: First Reading

Recommend Approval Unless annotated

AG Agricultural District
C-2 General Commercial District
C-5: Highway & Arterial Commercial District
M-3 Planned Industrial District
O-1 Office District
R-1 Single Family Residential District
R-2 Single Family Residential District
R-3 Three Family Residential District
R-4 Multiple Family Residential District
R-6 Single Family Residential District


ORD 47-2021-22 Intersection of Hawkins Road & Edmondson Ferry Road from R-1 to R-4 District RPC: Disapproval PAGE 75 – To Develop 16 townhomes
Acreage: 2.5 WaRoad: 7 Lots/Units – 30 Pop: 81

Recommendation from RPC: The proposed zoning request is inconsistent with the adopted Land Use Plan and is out of character with the surrounding development pattern. The road frontage/access for the property has encumbered site distance & it is not recommended to increase density under the present conditions.

ORD 48-2021-22 Intersection of E. Boy Scout Road and Needmore Road from AG/C2 to R1/R4 – PAGE 76 (TRAFFIC ASSESSMENT PAGE 77)
Acreage: 12 WaRoad: 8 Lots/Units – 165 Pop: 445

The developer of this project reached out and I appreciate that they plan to include green space and walkability in the planning.

I raised questions at the executive meeting to include the need to widen the road and include a wide walk/bike path on the road to support the park and safe routes to school.

ORD 44-2021-22 Fronting on the South Frontage of Needmore Road, South of Needmore Road & Turner Lane Intersection.

ORD 49-2021– Intersection of Peachers Mill Road & Pollard Road from R-1 to R-4 PAGE 112 (TRAFFIC ASSESSMENT PAGE 114)
Acreage: 13.8 WaRoad: 4 Lots/Units – 130 Pop: 351

ORD 50-2021-22 Located north of Martin Luther King Boulevard, west of Huntco Drive & east of Vaughn Road from C-4 to C-2 PAGE 132
Acreage: 11.06 WaRoad: 10 Lots/Units –132 Pop: 356

ORD 51-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Crossland Avenue & Robert S. Brown Drive from C-5 to C-2 PAGE 134
Acreage: 1.03 WaRoad: 9 Lots/Units – 12 Pop: 32

ORD 52-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Daniel Street & Lucas Lane from R-3 to R-6 PAGE 135
Acreage: .25 WaRoad: 6 Lots/Units: 2 Pop: 5

ORD 53-2021-22 property located at the intersection of Peachers Mill Road, & W. Boy Scout Road from C-5 to R-2 PAGE 136
Acreage: 5.65 WaRoad: 5 Lots/Units: Pop:
The estimates will be provided on the meeting agenda.

ORD 54-2021-22 Intersection of Notgrass Road & Arbor Street from R-1 to R-4 PAGE 137
Acreage: .71 WaRoad: 1 Lots/Units: 8 Pop: 21
Sinkhole encumbering Lots 97 & 98.

ORD 55-2021-22 Intersection of Notgrass Road & Copeland Road from R-1 to R-4 PAGE 139
Acreage: .25 WaRoad: 1 Lots/Units: 3 Pop: 8

ORD 28-2021-22 Amending the official code pertaining to hours for consumption of alcoholic beverages, beer and wine in the entertainment district “premises” as described in Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A.) § 57-4-102(28)(D)

ORD 31-2021-22 Amending The Official Code Of The City Of Clarksville Reapportioning The City Of Clarksville For The Purpose Of Electing Persons For The Office Of City Council Member [Annexed Territory Along Hwy 76 And Little Hope Road]

ORD 32-202 -22 Authorizing the sale of property located at 803 Howard Street to Marlon Placid

ORD 34-2021-22 Intersection of Tiny Town Road and Allen Road from AG to C-5/R-4 .

ORD 35-2021-22 Intersection of Golf Club Lane and Old Ashland City Road from O-1 to C-2

ORD 36-2021-22 Intersection of Fort Campbell Boulevard and West Bel Air Boulevard from C-5/R-1 to C-2

ORD 37-2021-22 Located at a tract east of Warfield Boulevard, west of Roanoke Road, north of Rossview Road from O-1 to C-2

ORD 38-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Old Russellville Pike and Hickory Trace Road from R-1 to R-6

ORD 39-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Richardson Street and Crossland Avenue from R-3 to R-4

ORD 40-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Tiny Town Road and Heritage Pointe Drive from AG to C-2.

ORD 41-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Needmore Road and Bell Road from AG to R-4.

ORD 42-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Oak Lane and Lucas Lane from R-3 to R-6.

ORD 43-2021-22 Intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Kleeman Drive. from R-2 to R-6.

ORD 44-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Needmore Road and Turner Lane from R-3 to R-4.

ORD 46-2021-22 Authorizing the City of Clarksville to convey the sidewalks contained within the Downtown Commons parcel of real property to Montgomery County Tennessee

RES 29-2021-22 Approving Appointments for the Arts and Heritage Development Council and the Adult-Oriented Establishment Board

New Business

ORD 58-2021-22 Authorizing a name change from Office of Housing and Community Development to Neighborhood and Community Services Mayor Pro Tem Councilperson Smith PAGE 240

ORD 29-2021-22 (First Reading, Postponed October 7th) Amending the official code of the City of Clarksville Title 4 (Building, Utility and Housing Codes) relative to non-single family housing Councilperson Holleman PAGE 242

There is concern regarding the charge for signs as addressed by Councilperson Allen. She plans to clarify the language.

ORD 30-2021-22 (Postponed October 7th) Amending the official code Title 1, Chapter 2, Section 204 relative to presenting legislation and deliberation of city council members to maximize efficiency Councilperson Holleman PAGE 245

We received the consent agenda at 5:57 the night before the meeting. Even if we perform our Due Diligence, we don’t’ have time to ask all the questions or get all the information. We don’t have time to collaborate with our residents or stake holders.

I think this is unnecessary and punitive, will cause more work for the mayor or add an additional person to the meeting to ensure fair and equitable enforcement of the ordinance.

RES 30-2021-22 Authorization to modify and amend the existing Regional Airport Authority Board membership so as to allow “staggered” terms for the members appointed by the City of Clarksville and Montgomery County Mayor PAGE 249

RES 31-2021-22 Authorizing reapplication for Zone Change for Ben Kimbrough – Ringgold Mill Properties, LLC , Bert Singletary – Agent, on the property located at the intersection of Fort Campbell Boulevard and Millswood Drive from C-5 and R-2 to R-4 Councilperson Marquis PAGE 251

We voted against this rezoning at our last meeting. The developer indicated they procured a second entrance onto the property which would decrease traffic onto Millswood Drive. They also indicated they would connect with the school for walking to school.


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