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“Know Your War Profiteers Deck of Cards” Exposes the Real War Criminals

cards_wp.jpgRemember the infamous Iraq deck of cards that once grew in popularity around the world? Well, lo-and-behold, there has been another release of cards. But this time around, there hasn’t been any national media hype. Any press releases or statements on this particular deck of cards were quietly ignored. To the delight of those who have been critical of the war in Iraq, a card series entitled “War Profiteers” has been released.

These cards contain the faces of big shots from all over the world who are capitalizing on the wars and conflicts all over the world. Underneath their photo is a brief bio of each greedy fool and their company, organization or special group affiliation.

Each suit in this deck represents a category of war profiteers:

Oil, gas, and energy companies

US government officials

Military and defense contractors

Heads of industry, finance, media, policy, and hype

Download the whole deck

(pdf, 1mb)

(pdf, 461kb)

To get a real deck and support the on-going campaigns against many of these evil-doers  Click Here



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