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Clarksville For Obama Wine Tasting and House Party

Clarksville For Obama will be holding a “Wine Tasting and House Party” on Friday, May 1 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at the home of Dennis and JoAnn Latz (3769 Trough Springs Road, Adams, Tennessee 37010, just off of exit 11). The event will offer an opportunity for socializing, networking, and discussions on Clarksville For Obama’s continued involvement in local, state and national social and political issues. Wine expert Amy Gallo will be on hand to answer all your wine questions!

Clarksville for Obama wine tasting
Clarksville for Obama wine tasting

As with any event here are a few announcements and instructions to help make this event a success.

  • You must be 21 or older to participate in the wine tasting.
  • Please RSVP via email due to limited space!
  • All wine connoisseurs / drinkers are asked to bring their favorite reasonably priced bottle (s) of wine for each other to sample. “The more varieties the better”
  • Mulligan’s Wine & Spirits on Wilma Rudolph blvd. has an excellent selection.
  • We need guests to bring one of the following: Cheese trays, grapes, Hot wings, Crackers, 24 pack of 8oz bottled water, desert plates, and small cups for drinking (no more than 100)

Clarksville For Obama does not condone, nor encourage in any manner, the over indulgence of alcoholic beverages. For all who intend to participate in this upcoming event, you are reminded to participate in the wine tasting portion of the evening’s events responsibly. Transportation home in the form of designated drivers will be provided for those who request it or need it.

Here is a map showing the exact location of the wine tasting for those who need it.



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