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Foust Family Tradition Continues at Multi-Generational Clarksville Foundry

Clarksville FoundryClarksville, TN – Clarksville Foundry, one of Clarksville, Tennessee’s most historic businesses – and among the oldest operating foundries in the United States – has been owned and operated by members of the Foust family since 1912. In fact, the origins of this durable Foundry date to 1847.

Recently, a fourth generation of the Foust family – William “Bill” Foust – made an important career move by choosing to join the family business and continue the Foust tradition. Bill is the son of current President and CEO Charles Foust Jr.

Bill Foust, Project Coordinator – Clarksville Foundry.
Bill Foust, Project Coordinator – Clarksville Foundry.

Bill graduated from Austin Peay State University magna cum laude in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in physics and a minor in mathematics.

The next-generation Foust expects his academic pursuits to be “extremely useful in designing and implementing procedures for production, as well as conceiving of and executing ideas for process improvements as the Foundry continues to grow and prosper.”

Charles Foust’s goal for his new protégé is for him to gain an understanding of all aspects of Clarksville Foundry’s operations while contributing to innovations for all operations. As Clarksville Foundry’s Project Coordinator, Bill has begun a year-long process of upgrading the company’s software to the Odyssey Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) Software by B&L Information Systems.

“The MRP system is a good way for Clarksville Foundry to streamline costs and increase efficiencies throughout the course of a job while reducing environmental impact,” said Bill. “Key training points for us will include accounting, inventory, scheduling and production.”

Both Fousts have high hopes for the future of Clarksville Foundry as business continues to change, grow and evolve, just as it has since 1847.

“I already know our success doesn’t come from competing on price alone with foundries that have far greater capacities,” said the younger Foust. “Our niche is geared to highly customized, short-run and precise specification castings and alloys. Not every foundry can do what we do.”

To learn more about the unique and colorful history of Clarksville Foundry and the Foust family, please visit www.clarksvillefoundry.com


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