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Clarksville Police Department urges everyone to follow these Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – A lot of Clarksville citizens will be out this final week before Christmas for some last minute shopping. Due to an actual incident that occurred at Governor’s Square Mall last night, December 17th, 2015, between 4:30pm and 5:30pm, the Clarksville Police Department Holiday Shopping Prevention Tips will be shared once more.

The victim of a vehicle burglary was shopping for hours at the mall yesterday, December 17th, 2015.

Holiday Shopping
Holiday Shopping

Every time she left a store with merchandise, she went out to her vehicle to drop it off. She also had her purse in the vehicle underneath the shopping bags.

She last saw the missing items in her vehicle at approximately 4:30pm. She noticed her property missing when she returned to her vehicle at 5:30pm.

When she returned to her vehicle, she realized that the car was unlocked. The victim stated that she always locks her vehicle. No signs of forced entry were present (See Crime Prevention Shopping Tips #7, 8, 10, and 20).

For TIP #8, though the purse was hidden under the shopping bags, once the vehicle burglary suspect got her bags filled with merchandise, the purse was in plain view.

Crime Prevention Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

  1. The following happens every year in Clarksville, which is why it is first on the list- DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM INDIVIDUALS SELLING ITEMS FROM THEIR VEHICLES. YOUR BOX WILL BE EMPTY. It will not contain the displayed item they are showing to you. You will have a sealed box that contains WOOD, BRICKS or more cardboard.
  2. Shop with others
  3. Shop during the day, if possible
  4. When parking your vehicle to go shopping, remember where you parked it! Always park in a well-lit and well-traveled area. Do not park in a remote dark area.
  5. When you return to your vehicle, scan the interior of your car to be sure no one is hiding inside. Check to see if you are being followed.
  6. Have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. You will be ready to unlock the door and will not be delayed by fumbling and looking for your keys.
  7. Don’t be overburdened with packages. Carrying several shopping bags makes you look vulnerable. When storing items purchased at the stores, place them out of sight. The best place is in a locked trunk.
  8. Do not leave your purse, wallet, or cellular telephone in plain view.
  9. Don’t resist if someone tries to take any of your belongings. Don’t chase someone who robs you, they may have a weapon. Instead call 911.
  10. Lock your vehicle and put up your windows even while you are driving.
  11. If you go to an automatic teller machine for cash, check for people around and make sure it is well lit and in a safe location.
  12. Carry only the credit cards you need and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or other items not needed (jewelry). If you carry cash, put it in your front pocket.
  13. If you make a purchase with your credit card, be sure to obtain the carbons or see that they are destroyed in front of you. If cards are taken or you know of an unapproved purchase, notify the card holders immediately.
  14. Beware of the “a good deal” scams. Things are not always what they appear to be.
  15. If you are purchasing toys for small children, be sure that they are safe. You will be surprised what a small child can swallow or what can injure them.
  16. Drive defensively. Traffic is heavier during the holidays. Drivers may also have indulged in too much holiday spirits.
  17. Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason. At this time of year, con-artists may try various methods of distracting you with the intention of taking your money or belongings.
  18. Display confidence (Criminals choose the victim who looks like the easiest target. That choice is partially based on their perception about your abilities to react to an attack.)
  19. Trust your instincts (If you have an intuitive feeling something is wrong or suspicious, react immediately and take action to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.)
  20. I read about a trend that is increasing. Criminals will wait at stores with high-value products, such as electronics stores. They will wait until you make a purchase and follow you to the next store. Knowing that you have those high-value products in your vehicle, they will watch you go into a different store and attempt to enter your car for those high-value products you purchased at the previous store. So, pay close attention to your surroundings.

In restaurants, try to sit where you can see your vehicle, if you do have stored purchased items in the vehicle.

The CPD will be watching for suspicious activity and individuals driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


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