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Clarksville Community Centers get repair approval

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – The Clarksville City Council approved a budget amendment Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 to spend money to repair the Crow Community Center and Burt Cobb-Community Center and to build a new retaining wall for Riverview Cemetery.

Burt-Cobb Community Center
Burt-Cobb Community Center

The Crow Community Center on Richview Road will get $250,000 in work done to the exterior and interior walls to eliminate moisture seepage.

Burt Cobb Community Center on Franklin Street will get a roof replacement costing $200,000. The capital project additional funds will be provided from prior debt issuances for a total of $450,000, and no new debt will be issued.

The Riverview Cemetery Retaining Wall will cost $180,000. The cemetery is on Spring Street. The expense will be covered by a fire maintenance facility construction services decrease of $180,000.

“These projects are necessary investments to protect these valuable city assets,” Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts said.

Meanwhile, in the same budget amendment, the Council returned $75,000 to the general fund that had been targeted for now unnecessary roof repairs at Burt Cobb, and $250,000 in reduced part-time salaries, for a total of $325,000 added to the fund balance.


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