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Obesity, Weight Loss, and Just Being Healthy

Weight Loss Every day, we can pick up a paper and see that the great American government has decided that yet another sector of our country is now “officially obese”. We have adults, teens and now infants. We are not talking just a little overweight, we are talking life threatening, seriously obese.

In 1997, I found myself needing to get rid of about 40 pounds. I was obese. At the time there was no support on the Internet. So, I put the first online journal up for the world to see and within 2 months had over 250 men and women with journals. We started an email list and we supported each other and learned from each other.

More...The The sad thing to say is that I don’t think even one of those people have lost the weight they wanted and needed to. I know I haven’t. Two days ago, I started yet again on another low carb diet.

I have been asked to do a bit of a column here at Clarksville Online on weight loss and diets. So what I am going to do, is to take you all along with me on my journey and share a little diet information with you along the way.

If some of you wish to join me, and help each other lose a little weight, that would be great. If any of you have any related questions, just post them as comments, and I will do my best to answer them.


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