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Atlanta Musical Act donates proceeds from song to support Nashville Flood Relief

Atlanta, GA — The Atlanta-based teen band von Grey, featuring four sisters ages 10-15, has announced a charitable gift of music to the City of Nashville. In the aftermath of the disastrous flooding that recently affected central Tennessee, these girls were moved by the devastation and wrote an inspiring song called “Rise Up,” dedicated to the city of Nashville and its people. The band’s producers and engineers worked on an accelerated schedule to produce the song, which has been formally released today.

von Grey

The band is donating all proceeds from sales of “Rise Up” to the Nashville-area Red Cross, in support of relief efforts. The band makes an appeal to listeners via their Web site: www.vongrey.com/nashville. They have also offered their services at no charge to participate in any relief-related events or live performances.

This gift from von Grey builds upon the band’s past history of charitable giving, including recent gifts to Braille Without Borders and the Songs for Kids Foundation. The band is eager to collaborate with media outlets to find creative ways of bringing this song into the public’s consciousness and to bring practical help to those in need. Media inquiries can be directed to / cell phone: (702) 336-1897.

The von Grey team is asking members of the public to please support this cause by considering a purchase/download of “Rise Up” and to share this mail with others in your network. The viral effect of giving can bring immense good.

The Atlanta music community is proud at the sense of civic duty being shown by this young group of musical professionals and hopes readers will spread the word and offer their support to magnify the impact of this worthy initiative.


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