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Textbook rental now available at APSU’s Ann Ross Bookstore

Austin Peay State UniversityThe Ann Ross Bookstore at Austin Peay State University is implementing an innovative textbook rental program designed to lower the cost of textbooks for students while also providing students with a choice between renting or purchasing textbooks new or used.

The bookstore has made a select number of its most popular textbooks available for rental to students for the fall 2010 semester; all available rental titles will be posted on the bookstore website beginning mid-July. Renting textbooks cuts the students’ cost in half – rented textbooks are guaranteed to save at least 50 percent off the cost of a new book on every rental. This program offers students an economical choice for textbooks.

In addition, if a student elects to purchase a title available for rental from the Ann Ross Bookstore, the store will guarantee the student a 50 percent refund of the cost of the textbook at the buyback counter. This offer is valid for textbooks purchased at the Ann Ross Bookstore, labeled with the guaranteed buyback sticker and sold back to the Ann Ross Bookstore.

“Last spring, the average college student spent approximately $280 on textbooks for the term,” said Shonte Cadwallader, general manager of the Ann Ross Bookstore. “As textbook affordability continues to be an issue and leaves students scouring the Internet for textbooks at lower prices, we are offering students an option for lower textbook prices within the local bookstore. By renting textbooks through the store or by utilizing the guaranteed buyback option, students will save 50 percent off the cost of the new textbook and are assured the correct book without having to search multiple online sites for the best deal.”

Renting textbooks from the Ann Ross Bookstore is as easy as “Rent, Use and Return.” Students simply choose to rent textbooks when available, use them all semester and return them on or before the last day of finals for the term. All that is required for renting textbooks is a valid debit or credit card.

“Students are assured of the correct book plus returns are easy with our textbook rental program,” Cadwallader said.

“Renting textbooks through the Ann Ross Bookstore offers students advantages in addition to lower prices. Most importantly, students can expect the same high level of customer service and because there are no shipping fees, waiting time or errors, students get the right book at the right price at the right time. Plus, re-using textbooks promotes recycling and encourages a green attitude.”

The store’s full list of rental and guaranteed buyback eligible titles will be available mid-July. APSU students are encouraged to check the Ann Ross Bookstore’s website, www.apsubookstore.com, for textbooks required for the fall 2010 semester to take advantage of the best prices and accurate textbook information.


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