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Miller-Motte Technical College Rolls out the Pink Carpet for Breast Cancer Survivors

Miller-Motte Technical College

Clarksville, TN – Miller-Motte Technical College Cosmetology and Esthetics program in partnership with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee’s After Breast Cancer (ABC) Outreach Program held a Survivor’s Spa Day as part of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month last night.

Twenty breast cancer survivors gathered at Miller-Motte’s Cosmetology and Esthetics Center to enjoy an evening of pampering. Attendees were offered a selection of beauty tips and services including  make-up application, mini manicures, mini facials, lip repair, facial waxing, hand repair, and scarf tying by Miller-Motte Technical College Students enrolled in their Cosmetology and Esthetics program.

Hearing the Doctor say, “You have cancer.” may be the most sobering and difficult three words someone can hear. However, thanks to medical advances, these words no longer have the dire meaning they may have had just 10 years ago. “There is hope and there is help.” said Cathy Carley, The ABC Coordinator at the Clarksville YMCA.

Miller-Motte Technical College Student Lauren Salnaker gives Breast Cancer Survivor Pat Karren a mini-facial

Miller-Motte Technical College Student Lauren Salnaker gives Breast Cancer Survivor Pat Karren a mini-facial

During the 16-week ABC Outreach Program, participants receive full access to the YMCA, a customized exercise workout designed by a Pink Ribbon Certified® personal trainer, nutrition counseling with a registered dietician, along with encouragement and support by a caring staff and other breast cancer patients and survivors.

Carley said, “We are just excited to be able to offer this program in Clarksville, TN. There are only 5 of these programs currently in existence all in Middle Tennessee. Having access to these types of programs can help keep women who are undergoing this serious life changing disease from feeling lost or hopeless.The funding that makes the ABC program possible comes from the YMCA’s the annual giving campaign, along with individual donations, and corporate and government grants which makes it possible to offer it for free to Breast Cancer survivors.”

“The Survivor’s Day Spa allowed Miller-Motte students to give back to the community by helping those who have suffered through and survived breast cancer. The students were very excited to get the opportunity to pamper these special clients,” said Miller-Motte’s Beauty and Aesthetics program director Kristy Jenkins.

Assistant Regional Vice President and Campus Director Gina Castleberry said “We are very excited about taking part in this program. The students and employees consider it a great honor that the YMCA of Middle Tennessee allowed them to take part in this event.  One of our former employees is just now finishing her treatments so the campus has embraced raising awareness of Breast Cancer in the community.”

“All of the instructors have also volunteered their time for this event.” said Esthetics instructor Diane Griffith. “Our students are undergoing a 18 month program for Cosmetology, and a 9 month program for Esthetics; one of the longest programs available in Clarksville. Our goal is to prepare our students to enter the beauty industry on graduation, and events like these give them useful real world experience they can take with them when they graduate”

Program Participants Chat with Miller-Motte Staff

Program Participants Chat with Miller-Motte Staff

Miller-Motte’s Cosmetology and Esthetics Students also provide beauty services to the public in their 5,000 square foot Cosmetology and Allied Health building, located on Alpine Drive just behind the Montgomery County Farmers Co-op.

Miller-Motte offers students and employees get a 50% discount; 10% to Military and their families and senior citizens. As an ongoing part of Miller-Motte’s partnership with the YMCA’s ABC program they will be giving program participants discounts on beauty services as well.

Carley was very appreciative for the support being offered by Miller-Motte,  “The ability to offer community outreach programs like these really helps to raise awareness of Breast Cancer in the Community,” she said.  Carley wanted to emphasise that the program isn’t open only to women as 1% of people who are diagnosed with breast cancer are men. “This is not a problem which only affects women.”

Lauren Stalnaker, A student in the Esthetics program was happy to take part in the Survivor Spa Day event, “It is very rewarding to be able to help these survivors restore their sense of inner and outer beauty after recovering from this serious illness. These beauty treatments can help give self confidence to women who may feel that their illness has taken their femininity from them.”

Pat Karren, an 11 year Breast Cancer Survivor

Pat Karren, an 11 year Breast Cancer Survivor

For Pat Karren, an 11 year Survivor being told she had Breast Cancer was a shock. A military wife whose husband is now retired, her breast cancer was found by Blanchfield Army Community Hospital during a egular screening mammogram in 2000. “You walk in expecting them to tell you everything is ok, but then they drop the cancer bomb.” she said. “The the doctor told me Now we fix it.” That took a lumpectomy, along with 3 months of chemotherapy and 32 radiation treatments.

Like most Cancer sufferers she lost her hair during the treatments, “I thought losing my hair would be a very traumatic thing. But I found out that I wasn’t my hair, and that I was a stronger than I thought I was.” she said. “When you have a kid depending on you have to pick up and go on.”

Her breast cancer is now in remission, but every year when it comes time for an exam you tense up waiting to find out if the other shoe has dropped, if it has come back or not.

The physical effects from the Cancer and the resulting treatment still linger after 11 years, which is what prompted her to take advantage of the YMCA’s ABC Program. “One of the things I found was that I was weaker in one side than the other. The personal trainer has been very helpful in telling us what we need to do in order to recover. I have been in the program for 9 weeks, and am half way done.”

She enjoyed the Survivor’s Spa Day, “It’s nice to see that there are a lot of survivors out there, and we get the opportunity to socialize with each other at events like this,” she said. “It’s also nice to be pampered for a little while and not have to worry about our cancers.”

Karren  opted for the mini-manicure and mini-facial. After the facial her skin glowed and even without makeup the color and tone of her skin was simply beautiful. She also got her nails painted bright pink in honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Bright Pink Nails in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Bright Pink Nails in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Lilly Lawhon, a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor

Lilly Lawhon, a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor

Lilly Lawhon is a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor, her cancer was detected during her annual physical. Her gynecologist found a lump so she sent her off for a biopsy. When they got the results they sent Lawhon to Vanderbilt University for treatment. “I had 38 radiation treatments, and a lumpectomy by choice,” she said.

One of the side affects of her anti-cancer drugs was weight gain. “One of the biggest changes was I gained a lot of weight, and am working with the YMCA’s ABC program to try to get some of it back off again. The weight gain has really affected the way I look at my body. Now my clothing doesn’t fit right anymore and I hate going shopping.”

For her the Survivor’s Day Spa was a new experience, “I am kind of a self contained person. I have always wanted a facial, but I never would have gone out and gotten one on my own. But after getting one tonight from Renee, I am going to come back and have them again. The beauty treatments really help your self confidence and self esteem, allowing you to feel better about your self,” she said.

She had nothing but praise for both the YMCA’s ABC Program, and Miller Motte’s Beauty and Esthetics program personnel, “I want to thank both of them for what they have done for all of the survivors who have taken part tonight. I can’t praise the the ABC Program enough. I think all breast cancer survivors should take part in this wonderful program. The Miller-Motte people have rolled out the pink carpet to us tonight and have made us all feel fabulous. I strongly  recommend that anyone who needs a ego boost come and give Miller-Motte’s Beauty and Esthetics program a shot.”

For more information

If your are interested in taking part in the ABC program, you should contact Cathy Carley by calling 931-647-2376 Ext. 71729. “I meet with them on a one on one basis and tell them of the program and other resources that are available for them. If they are interested then we go from there.” she said. You can also visit the program’s web site.

For information about Miller Motte’s Beauty and Esthetics program, visit them online at

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