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Leah Foote Shows ‘Snippets of Beauty’ at Planters Bank May 2nd

Planters BankClarksville, TN – The Planters Bank-Hilldale Gallery space will feature “Snippets of Beauty,” a watercolor exhibit by Clarksville artist Leah Foote. The exhibit will be on display Thursday, May 2nd-Wednesday, June 5th at 1971 Madison Street during regular bank hours.

Since retiring from a career in the local school system in 2007, Foote has devoted time to art.  She has always been drawn to the light and translucence in watercolor, so it was natural for this medium to be her preference.

Leah Foote watercolor artwork.
Leah Foote watercolor artwork.

“Trying for a balance between control and freedom makes watercolor a constant surprise and challenge,” she says.

Now that she’s retired, Foote is less consumed by the day-to-day details of life and has more time to look at the world with a fresh perspective.

“It’s easy to be distracted from the simple beauty around us when we are caught up in the details of everyday life,” Foote noted.

She constantly sees “snippets of beauty” that beg to be interpreted in a painting. To be able to recreate something beautiful and have the viewer see the same beauty makes her feel she is sharing some of the peace and enjoyment that retirement has brought her.

Leah Foote
Leah Foote

Her “Snippets of Beauty” exhibit demonstrates the wide range of things that seem beautiful to her, from a mother hen with her baby chick to stately domes against the sky in Cartagena or Rome; from the changing of the seasons to the beauty of a well-used old truck in the shade of a dilapidated building.

“There is elegance and beauty all around us if we are open to seeing it.”

The Planters-Hilldale branch is located at 1971 Madison Street. The exhibit is open to the public during regular bank hours: 8:30am-4:00pm, Monday-Thursday, and 8:30am-5:30pm, Friday.

Upcoming “First Thursday” exhibits include:

  • David Magers (bird photography) and Gabriele Wardeiner (abstract mixed media) June 6th-July 2nd
  • Larry Martin (oil and acrylic paintings) July 3rd-August 7th

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