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Fort Campbell’s Campbell Crossing Begins a Clean Sweep

Campbell CrossingFort Campbell, KY – Campbell Crossing, Lend Lease’s privatized family housing community on Fort Campbell, will begin removing over-grown trees and shrubs from many homes across Fort Campbell.

In an effort to promote safety and minimize damage to the exterior of homes, Campbell Crossing will be removing all over grown, un-kept, and oddly placed shrubs, trees and other plant material from around homes.

“We are calling it a ‘Clean Sweep,’ says David Brockman, Marketing Manager for Campbell Crossing. “Clean Sweep will include any plant material covering a window or address to the home, and will take place in our neighborhoods where plants in question have had years to grow and develop.”

Clean Sweep will promote safety by allowing clear visibility out of windows previously blocked by over-grown trees and plants and may allow for easier access out of the window in the event of an emergency that may block traditional means of escape. Many plants in question have gone years without proper maintenance. By removing the plants and trees, Campbell Crossing hopes to minimize any future damages to homes caused by over-grown plant roots, branches, etc.

“It is also our hope that the overall beautification of neighborhoods will increase with the removal of these types of trees and plants,” Brockman said.

This tree and shrub safety clean sweep will begin in Gardner Hills on May 13th and continue to the following neighborhoods: Werner Park, Drennan, New Drennan, Stryker, Hammond, New Hammond, and Barker Court, Taylor East and West, McAuliffe Park, LaPointe and ending in Pierce, near the end June.

Residents wishing to keep trees and shrubs around their homes are required to contact their Community Office. Any trees and shrubs left at the request of the resident will become the responsibility of that resident and must meet basic minimum standards regarding landscaping around the home.

About Campbell Crossing

Campbell Crossing LLC (CC) is a 50-year partnership created between the Department of the Army and Lend Lease through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI). Since December 2003, CC has developed more than 1,200 new homes and renovated more than 2,500 homes, and will continue to finance, develop, build, renovate and operate the site for 50 years. Campbell Crossing has also built four Community Centers, the first Zero Energy Multi-family home, and the first Boundless Playground® on a military installation.

For more information, please visit www.campbellcrossingllc.com.

About Lend Lease

Lend Lease is a leading international property and infrastructure group. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Lend Lease has a significant presence in the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe.

In the US, Lend Lease’s public partnership business is the nation’s leader in public/private community development. With a focus on creating sustainable value, Lend Lease creates communities that regenerate our environment, enrich people’s lives and foster economic growth.

Lend Lease has worked extensively with the Department of Defense through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI), a program that provides for the transfer of military housing assets to private sector companies. With over 40,000 residential units, 192 apartments and 8,500 hotel rooms in its portfolio, Lend Lease will finance, develop, build, renovate and operate these sites for at least 50 years.


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