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Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs helped return $6M in restitution to Tennesseans

Consumer Affairs mediates disputes between businesses and consumers and helps both parties find agreeable financial resolutions.  

Tennessee Division of Consumer AffairsNashville, TN – Fiscal year 2012-2013 reports show that the Division of Consumer Affairs helped return $6,094,029 in restitution to Tennesseans. The Division of Consumer Affairs team mediated resolutions between consumers and businesses, referred cases to the Attorney General’s Office, and directed consumers to the best form of action to close more than 5,500 cases.

The diligent work of Consumer Affairs specialists allowed the Division to double the amount of restitution returned to consumers from past years.

“We are incredibly proud of being able to return more than six million dollars to consumers,” said Director Gary Cordell. “Our division works hard to educate Tennesseans about issues important to consumers and as more people learn about the services we provide, the more opportunities we will have to resolve consumer complaints and issues through smart mediation.”

In total, $7.3M was returned to Tennesseans through state intervention in 2012-2013. The additional $1.2M was returned by the Attorney Generals’ Office, who partners with Consumer Affairs to enforce the Consumer Protection Act.

When asked about plans for next year Cordell said, “We look forward to making 2013-2014 another year for the books! We’re excited to expand our reach, talk to more consumers, and keep making a real impact in the life of Tennesseans.”

To learn more about the Division of Consumer Affairs and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance visit  www.tn.gov/consumer; there consumers can find links to file online complaints, visit the Buyer Beware List and read plenty of tips on how to be a smart consumer!

About the Tennessee Division Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is a division of the Department of Commerce and Insurance, which works to protect consumers while ensuring fair competition for industries and professionals who do business in Tennessee. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for a daily dose of fire prevention tips, consumer affairs information and much more!


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