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Pillars of Hope Project celebrates the spirit of service and unity through Community Art

Clarksville, TN – The first exhibit of “Celebrating the Spirit of Service and Unity: Pillars of Hope“, a public art project that celebrates the spirit of service and unity following September 11th will be held at various  locations through June 10th.

“The Pillars of Hope” began in 2012 as a creative effort to inspire the tradition of charitable service on 9/11— It is a positive way for community members to connect and pay tribute to the 9/11 victims- honor those who rose in service in response to the attacks and remind all of us of the importance of working more closely together in peace to improve our community and the world.

Pillars of Hope Project
Pillars of Hope Project

“The Pillars of Hope” is part of the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance initiative.

The memorial art project is meant to help people of all ages express their reactions to the September 11th event and to celebrate the spirit of service and unity.

The project gives a voice to the future through art. Each tile is painted with artwork and messages of peace, respect and understanding for humanity.

More than 1200 painted tiles will be used to create the “Pillars of Hope.” Ken Shipley, APSU Professor of Ceramics finds inspiration from the tiles painted at community workshops, and it has helped him design and produce the “Pillars of Hope.” A second group of unpainted, informational tiles using wood letters from the APSU Goldsmith Press & Rare Type Collection infuse a timeline of 9/11/01 events into the public art piece.

The “9/11 Pillars of Hope” is a collaborative project of Volunteer Clarksville and Hands on Nashville with support from the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Tennessee Arts Commission, and Austin Peay Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts.

Pillars of Hope schedule of exhibits May 23rd-June 10th, 2014 * during regular business hours.

  • May 23rd-June 1st, 2014 – Clarksville-Montgomery County Library, 350 Pageant Lane.
  • June 2nd-June 10th, 2014 – LEAP Plaza, 1860 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

From now until August 1st the community is invited to paint tiles to help complete the project. There is no charge to paint tiles at the Pottery Room locations on Madison Street and Trenton Road. Painters must understand the significance of the project and agree to paint accordingly.

To help children learn about 9/11 please visit http://www.911memorial.org/teaching-911 .

The Pillars of Hope will be exhibited during the 9/11 Days of Service. To learn more about the “Pillars of Hope” project, volunteer, donate or to schedule the exhibit, call Rita Arancibia at 931.551.5450.


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