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Consumer Reports Reveals the Best Ways to Make Money on Unwanted Stuff

How to decide on where to sell furniture, artwork, clothing, collectibles and more; Plus, what consumers can do when they can’t make a sale

Consumer ReportsYonkers, NY – Many basements, attics, and garages are bursting with unwanted possessions and their owners may be surprised by how much they can make by selling them.

Consumer Reports has put together a comprehensive guide to help consumers get the most money for their stuff that includes information on where to sell items, when to get them appraised, and what to do when selling efforts are unsuccessful.

“You may be tempted to toss unwanted stuff in the trash,” said Mandy Walker, senior project editor for Consumer Reports.  “But its important to carefully sift through these items, there may be treasure lurking that could put some extra cash in your pocket.”

Before deciding where to sell their stuff, Consumer Reports says consumers must determine if any of the items are valuable, say, $1,000 or more, by looking up similar objects in reference books or on websites for collectors.  Valuable items may be worth getting appraised.

Next, choose a selling venue that makes the most sense: auction house, consignment shop, website, or yard sale.  Consumer Reports outlines which venues consumers should try first based on condition and value for a variety of goods including furniture, artwork, sports and exercise gear, clothing, musical instruments, collectibles, jewelry, electronics and appliances, and housewares.

Despite best efforts, sometimes attempts to sell unwanted possessions are unsuccessful.  Consumer Reports outlines the steps people need to take to ensure any items they donate to charity qualify for a tax deduction.

For more information on selling unwanted stuff, check out the September 2014 issue of Consumer Reports, on newsstands now or online at www.ConsumerReports.org.


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