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Latin America Unchained: A Panel Discussion on Latin America and US Foreign Policy

The Nashville Peace Coalition

The Nashville Peace Coalition

Nashville – The Nashville Peace Coalition invites the public to attend a panel discussion on current issues affecting Latin America.  The panel, titled, “Latin America Unchained” is an examination of the current left leaning shift of popular elections in Latin America.  Whether Americans are pondering the meaning of Hugo Chavez shaking hands with Barack Obama or the recent electoral victory of the FMLN in El Salvador, we can be sure that Latin America is changing. In the interest of providing the public with an opportunity to hear from local experts on the current trends in Latin America, the Nashville Peace Coalition has assembled a diverse panel to talk about current events. The Nashville Peace Coalition is a project of the Nashville Peace and Justice Center and is dedicated to promoting a peace and diplomacy as key aspects of US foreign policy.

The Bolivarian revolution, the economic collapse of Argentina, the election of Lula in Brazil and the persistent anti-imperialist rhetoric from the Hugo Chavez administration of Venezuela are hints that Latin America has tended to the left in recent years.  What is going on in Latin America and what role does US foreign policy play in this historical trend?  What effect has the North American Free Trade Agreement, the US Army’s School of the Americas and Plan Columbia played in shaping and influencing Latin America’s current governments?  “Latin America Unchained” intends to address some of these questions and engage in a community discussion  with the help of a panel of journalists, educators and community organizers to have a community discussion about the recent trends in Latin America. «Read the rest of this article»

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Peace rally marches on despite rain, cold



Despite heavy rains, the Nashville Peace Coalition held a planned Peace street  rally at Centennial Park in Nashville today, just days before the anniversary (March 19) of the Iraq War.

The Nashville Peace Coalition has called  for peace in Afghanistan and Iraq on the sixth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq; the street protest went on as planned but rain washed out plans for an accompanying concert and speaker program that was to have from noon to 4 p.m.

“Now is the Time for Peace” was intended as an appeal to President Obama and the Democratic House and Senate to withdraw all troops from Iraq including non-combat troops and reverse the recently announced troop surge in Afghanistan.  «Read the rest of this article»


“Now Is the Time for Peace” concert, street protest planned in Nashville


Nashville Peace Coalition calls for Peace in Afghanistan & Iraq on 6th anniversary of Iraqi occupation. The event takes place March 14 in Nashville’s Centennial Park from noon to 4 p.m.

peace-coalition-logoThe Nashville Peace Coalition is calling for peace in Afghanistan & Iraq on the sixth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq with a street protest and peace concert in Centennial Park on Saturday, March 14th beginning at Noon.  The theme of the event titled, “Now is the Time for Peace” is intended as an appeal to President Obama and the Democratic House and Senate to withdraw all troops from Iraq including non-combat troops and reverse the recently announced troop surge in Afghanistan.  «Read the rest of this article»


Hutchinson calls on Tennesseans to join non-violent peace, disarmament action


npjc-logoNASHVILLE,  TN:  On Wednesday, February 4th Ralph Hutchinson will address a public meeting of the organizations Veterans for Peace and the Nashville Peace Coalition on Wednesday, February 4, to call on Tennesseans to join in non-violent action for peace and disarmament in Oak Ridge on April 4.

Hutchinson is the executive director of Stop the Bombs, a twenty-yearoold organization in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which has organized a continuous presence outside of the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant calling for a complete shutdown of the nuclear facilities and thorough environmental clean up of the Oak Ridge bomb plant.  His presentation will be given on the grounds of the Nashville Peace and Justice Center at 4732 W. Longdale Drive.  The public is invited to attend this event beginning at 6pm.  «Read the rest of this article»

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Presidential debate: All the action was outside the town hall meeting…


SDS: "Youth are not Cannon fodder"

As a global audience tuned in on the second presidential debate, held at Belmont University in Nashville, all the action was happening on the streets surrounding the campus. Political commentators and pundits agreed that the town hall debate format simply didn’t work, that the hoped for verbal battles failed to detonate any real excitement. Outside, it was another story.

I opted out of specific local debate coverage, and with CO writer Debbie Boen instead headed to Nashville to make our own voices heard. Debbie, founder of the FreeThinkers for Peace and Civil Liberties, and I (a devout member) headed for 21st and Blakemore, two blocks from the Debate Hall, center of the Nashville Peace Coalition et al rally and press conference. The Coalition the night before sponsored “an alternative debate” featuring the other candidates in the running for the US presidency. The ones without the political machine and the super-sized budgets.

Nearing Nashville on I-24 we were greeted with traffic signs directing debate trackers to the proper exits, so naturally, we made a wrong turn, got slightly misdirected and ended up exactly where we needed to be. Serendipity can be wonderful. «Read the rest of this article»


Local activist makes 500-mile trek to oppose war in Iraq and Afghanistan

Local activist Josh Brollier takes a long walk with a message of peace

Joshua Brollier, with Helene Hedberg watching, strums a few chords at a Wisconsin rest stop

Witness Against War is a 450-mile walk from Chicago to Saint Paul to challenge and non-violently resist our nation’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The campaign seeks to hold both major political parties, both Democrat and Republican, accountable and responsible for continuing and ending the Iraq war.

The journey began in the City of Chicago, site of the 1968 Democratic Party convention in the midst of the Vietnam War. The walk will conclude on August 31 in St. Paul — in time for the start of the 2008 Republican Party convention in the midst of the Iraq war.

Joshua Brollier joined the walk in Chicago on July 12th and has participated in awareness events and community forums along the route to St. Paul.  The walkers will convene there on August 29th to march in step with the Veterans for Peace at the Republican National Convention protests. «Read the rest of this article»

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Five years at war doesn’t go unnoticed in Nashville Peace and Justice groups


On March 15th, the sacrifices of those affected by the conflict in Iraq during the past five years was honored at the Ampitheater at Bicentennial Mall in Downtown Nashville. The event include strong expressions of support and sympathy for the members of the U.S. armed forces, their families and the people of Iraq.

Faith and Mary for peace

A carload of Clarksville area people dropped in on the Peace protest in Nashville on Saturday, March 15, noon-3p.m. The event reflected on five years of war in Iraq and offered a large slate of speakers and performers organized by Nashville Peace and Justice Center. The rally was well-attended despite the drizzle that we had until around 2 p.m. when the sky let down its forces on us. «Read the rest of this article»


March on DC: Buses without permits turned back, fined at D.C. border


co-bus.jpg“Has Washington closed its doors to the public?”

A new and little advertised law implemented a month ago was apparently designed to ensure no illegal border crossings into the D.C. city limits by undocumented buses. The immigration of protesters and other mass arrivals of voices of dissent who arrive by motorcoach are being turned back the ‘border’ by vigilant police, park police and homeland security personnel.

Many of the incoming activists are expected to participate in a march to the Capitol and a “die-in” at the Peace monument under shades of the 60s, when tens of thousands of Vietnam protesters gathered in the shadows of the Washington Monument to voice their dissent with the war policies of that era.

end-the-war.jpgOn September 15, thousands of Iraq war protesters and peace activists will mobilize in Washington for what is being describe as “not just another war protest” but a massive rally and a week of direct action that includes a “die in,” lobbying, and “truth in recruiting” workshops.

«Read the rest of this article»

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