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Sometimes, I Want to Punch Christians

Posted By Carlo Serrano On Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 10:00 am In Spirituality | No Comments

My name is Carlo. I am a Christ-follower and sometimes, I really want to punch Christians right in the kisser.

Listen, I know that according the biblical qualifications for a pastor, I should not be quick to anger or sinfully violent. Relax, He’s still working on me. Nevertheless, when I read about Christians who leave ignorant notes on receipts instead of generous tips I want to find those dear “brothers and sisters” and “lay hands” on them in the name of the Lord. Maybe Christian on Christian violence isn’t the best way to spread the love of Jesus, but folks like this make it really hard to convince the world that we are not all “holier than thou” crazies.

Sometimes, I want to punch Christians. But then I remember that I blow it too.  I remember that I need God’s grace just like the next person. The fact that I’m writing about how I would never leave an “ignorant receipt”  is proof that at times I am no better than the Pharisee saying “Thank you God that I am not like THOSE sinful people.”

Sometimes, the Christian who deserves the biggest punch is me.

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