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As spring arrives, let us find personal and political renewal

god-bless-americaAs we move into spring and the substance of 2009, the year will continue to bring renewal. Changes in power, approaches,  and results  will impact Clarksville, the State of Tennessee and the nation.  For when we pray “God Bless America,” there is the opportunity for renewal for us personally as well as nationally throughout this year.

opinion-081In 2009,  we have a favorable wind of renewal available to re-establish virtues, moral principles, and moral quality to our government at all levels. In foreign policy let us be done with torture, rendition and the deliberate misleading of the public in the guise of justifying action that leads to placing our men and women in uniform unnecessarily in harm’s way and demolishing governments of other nations. Let this year be the year to bury the order of pre-emptive military intervention against what we perceive as nefarious nations.

At the community level, in Tennessee, let’s be done with partisan political warfare that is paralyzing and  polarizing our public life.

In honesty, renewal and positive change change will not be achieved in 90 days, or Obama’s first hundred days. It will take time to lead our nation and renew the concept of common good over individual gain and self-interest at every level of our lives, personally and nationally.

The wisdon of President Obama is appropriate here when he warned us that the cure for our economic plight will take months adding up to years. Our political representatives with our prayerful support and suggestions are capable  of serious reform in congressional ethics. National and personal changes can be substantial rather than cosmetic.

In our community and the nation, we are eager and in anticipation of a new tone and mature new way of practically meeting real needs. Honesty and transparency are moral values that we cherish and treasure. These qualities can be delivered by our city, state and national government. Even when the new is bad or calls for discipline in living and sacrifice, we must be receptive and transparent.

In this year we have the opportunity to refresh and renew core demonstrated principles. Politicians who violate our moral principles and laws must answer and be accountable for their deeds. No slap on the wrist for such behavior. Bribery, fraud and tax evasion in a reform government will be dealt with harshly, to include prison terms.The recent politicians — Republican and Democratic — Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, William Jefferson, Mark Foley for their crimes are examples of the law of accountability at work.

Renewal for us personally is to rededicate ourselves to democratic principles; let’s bury the nefarious partisanship. Cooperation instead of partisan argument and resentment will precipitate renewal.

Rev. Charles Moreland
Rev. Charles Moreland
Rev. Charles Moreland, retired, has lived in Clarksville for seven years and holds great pride in his adopted city and its people. His one objection in Tennessee is the Hall law of taxes on dividends and savings. Charles served in the U.S. Army Chaplaincy from 1966-1986, retiring to serve as a United Methodist pastor near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He serves on the Boards of Directors for the ARP, Roxy Theater and MCDP. Though retired, he is a regular speaker at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. His five grandchildren, ages two to thirteen years, live in Evansville, Indiana. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War and served in Germany and Korea while on active duty.

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