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Lifelines program being piloted in Montgomery County

The Tennessee Department of Health Emergency Preparedness Program, in partnership with the Montgomery County Health Council, is offering assistance with emergency planning. Montgomery County is currently piloting the Lifelines program that may benefit individuals considered “at risk” of severe outcomes in an emergency. You may be at risk if:

  • You have difficulty maintaining independence, communicating with others or have transportation concerns
  • You live at home but need constant supervision or medical care
  • You would need assistance during and after a tornado, ice storm, prolonged power outage or other emergency or disaster

In an emergency or disaster one major concern is identifying and locating individuals who will need extra assistance. The Lifelines program will assist in this effort. The Lifelines program is asking individuals to identify themselves by completing an “at risk” registry application. Most individuals will need assistance from a trusted friend, neighbor or caregiver to complete the application.

Enrollment in the registry does not guarantee immediate or special treatment during an emergency or disaster. It provides emergency responders with information that is pertinent to developing an effective response by allowing them to quickly identify and locate these individuals. Everyone is encouraged to have a personal disaster plan in place. Having more than one plan in place may help to ensure a positive outcome during a disaster or emergency.

The time to plan for an emergency is before disaster strikes. Help us by assisting those “at risk” individuals that desire to participate in the registry. For information on obtaining the Lifelines kit, please contact either Susan Cornell at 615-650-7041 or Brenda Harper at 931-648-7214.


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