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Local Convenience Store chain and Distributor to help flood victims

Local convenience store chain Sudden Service and Ajax Distributing Company are joining together in efforts to give back to local flood victims.

At any local Sudden Service convenience store, the price of Miller Lite and Coors Light 12 pack cans will be lowered to help influence greater sales.  Sudden Service, Ajax Distributing and MillerCoors will each give money to the flood relief fund by each 12 pack sold, which will equal one dollar a case. 

The money that is raised will go towards the Salvation Army in their current efforts of flood relief.

“As a family owned business we at Sudden Service understand the importance of community involvement,” said Paul Barrs, of Sudden Service.  “We are proud to partner with Ajax Distributing Company in an effort to assist our customers, neighbors and friends that have been affected by the recent floods. The actual event may have come and gone, leaving behind people in need of help. That’s what this endeavor is all about helping those in need, giving back to the community.”  

The fund raiser will kick off of July 5th and will run through August 5th.  The 12 pack cans of Miller Lite and Coors Light will be discounted in support in efforts for the local flood relieve initiative.  

Patrick Turner, of Ajax Distributing Company is one of the coordinators for the event.  “The affects from the flood are tragic, many people lost their homes and business, said Turner.  “We hope our efforts with Sudden Service will help some of those victims have some relief.”

Clarksville is still trying to recover from the devastation the flood left behind.  The water may be washed away, but for many locals the hardships are just beginning.  Hopefully, with local businesses partnering up like Sudden Service and Ajax Distributing Company, their troubles may become a little easier.

For more information on Sudden Service, visit: www.suddenserviceonline.com/


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