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Fall Fashion Report

New York Fashion week has come and gone with all of its pomp and circumstance leaving behind tiny tufts of fur, a bit of glitter and a line of women stammering to the stores to clothe themselves in the hottest trends. With the cooler weather finally upon us it makes shopping for all those Fall wardrobe staples even more appealing. So what will you find this Season when you go to the mall?

Minimalist: Clean lines, form and structured pieces. I personally am excited to see this trend because a well-fitted suit for the office or an A line pencil skirt for after hours only makes you look your best. When an outfit is tailored to fit it will become your best-kept secret. This look also goes hand in hand with 50’s Retro. Think Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina or the ever-classic Grace Kelly for inspiration.

Military: In Clarksville the “military look” has become a part of the norm. We literally see it everywhere. Well, now be ready to see it on another level. Tall boots, broad shoulders in jackets, kaki, and olive will be found in abundance as well as bold pieces of red and General style jackets with parallel brass buttons.

80’s Rocker: This trend is more for the younger generation that missed out on all the glam and now want to try to reinvent it for themselves. But if you are feeling a bit nostalgic feel free to work in a few subtle pieces into your wardrobe such as the occasional studded piece of jewelry, red lipstick, and bangle bracelets. But for heaven’s sake not all at once! One place that I like to take small fashion risks are my shoes. You can play around with an animal print flat or spikey heels and both would be quite appropriate. Even a tasteful bomber jacket (no that is not an oxymoron) for those nights around the bonfire would totally work.

Luxe: We may be in a recession but you wouldn’t know it by the runway this Season. I think this concept captures Fall for me unlike any other. When I see warm camel colors on pea coats and cloche hats I want to race to the nearest coffee shop for spice chai tea latte. And someone get PETA on the phone because Fur is making a comeback. Well, maybe not real fur. But you will see it on coats, gloves and scarfs this season for the ultimate in nouveau riche!

    Textures this Season

    • Gold
    • Camel
    • Plaid
    • Lace
    • Wool
    • Animal print
    • Leather

    This is my challenge to you though this Fall. No, not a challenge but a dare. I dare you to take the above list with you next time you are out shopping. Be it Target, Macy’s or our local Goodwill and just see if you can find something that fits under any of the above category for less than twenty…no…$15.00. I’m willing to bet you can if you just try.

    Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. Make it your own!

    Fashion fades. Style is eternal. —Coco Chanel


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