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Tennessee Titans quotes on the addition of wide receiver Randy Moss

Tennessee TitansOffensive Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger

I have been fortunate to work with a number of very talented receivers in my time in the league and Randy is obviously one of the best of all time, so I am looking forward to meeting him and getting him involved in our offense. We will plug him in at one spot and get him up to speed at that one position. I think he fits well into what we want to do as an offense and doesn’t require us to change anything. He should be a difference maker for the offense and other individual players on our offense. Again, I don’t know him, but I have heard he is competitive and smart football player.

TE Bo Scaife

I’m excited about getting Randy here. I’ve got a lot of respect for him, and he’s going to be a good fit for us. I know he’s going to help us, so you can’t really go wrong from that aspect. I hope he’s mad at those other teams passing him up and he comes in and gives us the best eight games of his career.

T Michael Roos

I think it’s going to be great to have Randy here, a player of his caliber, expertise and experience. It should definitely help our offense, especially in the running game, being able to take away some extra guys in the box from C.J. From what I’ve heard from everybody else, he’s a great teammate, and I look forward to having him in our locker room.

RB Chris Johnson

I actually have never met Randy, but as soon as I heard what was going on, the first thing I did was I made sure I said something here. Then I got on the phone with my agent (Joel Segal)—who’s Randy’s agent also—and I told him we need to get Randy here. My wish just came true.  I’m very excited.  That’s a guy we grew up watching. We named jump balls after him.  When somebody goes up and gets one, it’s named after him. We call it ‘getting a Moss.’ So I’m very excited about the situation, to play with a guy like that, and I’m very excited that he’ll back some of those guys out of the box. I know for a fact they can’t put all those guys in the box with that guy out there.

QB Vince Young

I’m glad Randy is going to be here with us as a Tennessee Titan. He’s another weapon to add to what we already have, and he’s going to make all of us better on offense. I’m looking forward to getting him here and working with him.

FB Ahmard Hall

I was really excited about the signing.  Randy Moss is a legend in this game, and the Titans aren’t really known for making too many big splashes.  I think it’s going to bring a lot of energy to this town, a lot of energy to this team. I think he has a lot to offer to the younger guys, he’s been there, done that. He’s proven himself in this game. It’s going to help us out tremendously in the running game with him stretching the field and everything, so I’m excited about him coming and seeing how he can help this team win.

CB Cortland Finnegan

It is a great pickup for us. One of receivers now is down and he can come in and pose a deep threat and take eight out of the box for C.J., but still being a dynamic player. It helps us as a team and an offense.  He is a deep threat, he can run routes and get open, he can score touchdowns and he is a game changer. It is going to be big for us.

LB Will Witherspoon

When I found out about it, I was like, OK, it’s an addition that I think can be great for us. I have respected Randy’s play for a long time.  Everybody says it’s up or down or hit or miss, and you have to deal with all those issues. I think we need to make sure we are here to play, we are here to win, and that is what it is all about. I think Coach Fisher said it himself, anytime you have a chance to improve the roster, you need to try to make that move if you can. I think they had the opportunity and took full advantage of it.

LB Gerald McRath

I’m just excited. He brings even more talent to the team. I feel like he will be a great addition to this team. He will fit right in. Just watching him, he has respect around the league. I’m grateful and happy that I have a chance to work with him.

S Michael Griffin

We are already one of the highest scoring offenses right now in the league, and hopefully that means we can continue to add more points on the scoreboard. I think it is going to help C.J. out a lot in getting those eight or nine-man fronts out.  You are going to have to keep a safety over and one-on-one with him. You just hope that he comes in and can help this team out and we can continue to move forward.


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