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American Heart Association: Heart-healthy stocking stuffers

American Heart AssociationNashville, TN – With the holidays fast approaching, you might be frantically brainstorming ideas for quick, easy gifts that won’t break the bank. The American Heart Association has a few heart-healthy gift options for you, great for stocking stuffers, for an office holiday gift exchange, or for giving to yourself:

Stress ball. The holidays can be stressful, so try giving a stress ball so your family and friends can work their arm muscles instead of working their mouth muscles with the candy jar.

Jump rope. Stuff jump ropes in every stocking in the house. This is a great heart-healthy item for you and your kids alike. When your kids go outside to jump off steam, join them and jump a little rope yourself (and keep warm) while you watch them go at it.

Fruit. Apples, oranges and grapefruits are very healthy presents and are a nice break from the deluge of fruitcake and cookies that the season brings.

A new CD. Everyone loves to get their star on and sing and dance around the house when no one is looking. (Admit it.) Why not give your friends and loved ones a favorite CD and let them burn off those holiday calories while they have their own mini-dance party?

Winter accessories. When the weather changes and the temperature drops, people tend to stay indoors more and get less exercise. Give your co-workers a new hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves. This gives them incentive to take a walk around the block, stay warm and toasty and admire their neighbor’s holiday decorations (and then scramble to finish their own).

A pedometer. This nifty little tool helps you count the number of steps you take in a day. It’s a good way to get the office together and go walking during lunch.

Recipe cards. Do you have a lot of healthy recipes you love? Share the wealth. Pre-made or hand-made recipe cards with handwritten healthy recipes are a heartfelt gift for all.

Cookbook. Staying with the share-the-wealth idea, check out the American Heart Association’s variety of cookbooks. Choose one that best suits your recipient. Whether they’re cooking for one, cooking for a family with kids, or looking for a quick and healthy meal, AHA offers a wide array of cookbooks.

Water bottle. A BPA-free water bottle is great to take to work or stash in the handbag or backpack, and helps everyone stay hydrated.

Relaxation kit. In an extra-busy holiday season, a relaxation kit will be a welcome gift. A few candles, some incense, soaps, or a CD with soothing music can work wonders.

Art with heart. Give them a day pass to a museum; they can enjoy the art while enjoying a nice warm escape from the cold, and – a bonus – they get in some physical activity. How about giving them some new supplies to paint or a gift card to a craft/art store so they can buy their own?


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