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State Farm says Cold Weather can take the Air out of your Tires

State Farm®Bloomington, IL – We’ve learned a lot about under-inflated footballs recently, but did you know that under inflated tires can create a real issue for your car?

Cold weather can take the air out of your tires. Tire deflation is both risky and costly.

State Farm Insurance lists three money saving reasons why you should maintain proper tire pressure for you vehicle.

State Farm gives money saving reasons to maintain proper tire pressure.

Tire Pressure Tips

  • Increased tire life – Under inflated tires increase tire wear placing you at risk of a blowout and reducing tread life.
  • Better handling and safety – Under inflated tires reduce tire traction increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Better gas mileage – Under inflated tires cost drivers about 20 gallons of gas per year.

Can’t remember the last time you checked your air pressure?

Here are three tips to inflate

  • Use a tire gauge to check tire pressure monthly.
  • Remember the colder it is the more deflating Mother Nature can be on your tires.
  • Use the guide on the driver side door jamb (not the actual tire) to determine proper tire pressure for your car.

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