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Clarksville Academy students help bring Bicycle Share Program to Clarksville

Clarksville Parks and Recreation DepartmentClarksville, TN – Thanks to a group of Clarksville Academy students, a grant from the Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation and a partnership with the City of Clarksville, a bicycle share program will soon come to Liberty park and McGregor park.

The group, comprised of about eight Clarksville students each year, researched and wrote a grant proposal as part of Clarksville Academy’s Challenge Based Learning (CBL).

Bicycle Share Program "B-Cycle" will be available soon at Clarksville's Liberty park and McGregor Park.
Bicycle Share Program “B-Cycle” will be available soon at Clarksville’s Liberty park and McGregor Park.

They ultimately chose B-cycle, and then wrote a grant proposal. After being awarded the grant from the Community Health Foundation, students then began work with the city to identify locations for the bike stations.

Once the program is in place, they’ll continue to monitor how often the bikes are used and study how they are making a difference.

Each station, both located along the Cumberland River, will house 10 B-cycles each. Bicycles rented from one station can be returned to the other station. Clarksville B-cycle riders must purchase an access pass for $3.00 that allows riders access to the bike for 24 hours. The first hour is free but then riders must pay $1.00 for each additional 30 minutes that a bike is out. Individuals can purchase daily passes or memberships, including weekly, monthly, and one-year options.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 10:00am on Friday, January 15th at Liberty Park with honored guests Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan, Kay Drew, Head of School at Clarksville Academy, and Sarah Schwartz, Grant Coordinator for Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation.

About the Challenge Based Learning Program (CBL)

The Challenge Based Learning (CBL) program at Clarksville Academy challenged students with ways in which they could improve their community. The CBL classroom shifts the typical setting in which one instructor teaches set curriculum to multiple students.

CBL reverses that model, allowing the challenge to be formulated and investigated, consulting with experts in varying fields as resources, defining guiding questions, and resulting in a sustainable solution all led by the students.

About Clarksville Parks and Recreation

The mission of Clarksville Parks and Recreation is to provide a variety of positive recreational experiences to enhance life values for individuals, families, and our diverse culture.

To learn more, visit www.cityofclarksville.com, like us on Facebook, or call 931.645.7476.


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