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Montgomery County Allocates Federal CARES Act Funding towards Technology, Payroll

Montgomery County Government TennesseeMontgomery County, TN – Montgomery County Government designated how available funds through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, would be spent on technology and payroll.

When news of the funding was made available, Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett and Chief of Staff Kyle Johnson worked with IT Director Skip Burchett on a plan to extend the number of employees who could work remotely and more efficiently as the options for serving County residents continued to evolve during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)

Montgomery County Government was allocated approximately 1.2 million dollars in CARES Act technology funding to improve remote work capabilities for County employees.

Funding for the hardware allows for greater telework possibilities during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Montgomery County departments were asked to provide a description of the expected case use quantities desired for remote equipment. All equipment has now been purchased and will be deployed to each department by December 30th.

CARES Act funding also covered payroll for employees who were out because of COVID-19 Coronavirus. The total budget for CARES related contributions on payroll was approximately $567,000.

“The funding through the CARES Act allows us to better take care of Montgomery County residents from a remote location. This is a solution that can be helpful, regardless of whether the community challenge is related to health or a weather-related disaster. People look to local government to assist them and these resources improve our readiness to serve. The assistance also helped us continue paying employees who were affected by the virus.” said Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett.

An overview of what Montgomery County Government purchased with CARES Act money as it relates to IT equipment includes:

  • 400 Laptops of various models
  • 400 monitors
  • 400 keyboards and mice
  • 400 MS Office licenses
  • 400 HDMI cables, power strips, etc. for remote setups
  • 200 webcams
  • 200 speakers
  • 7 WebEx Room Kits – To retrofit various department conference rooms to include video conferencing capabilities
  • 14 WebEx Boards – For courtrooms as well as other locations around the county to increase remote video conferencing and remote training capabilities
  • 150 iPads for various departments to include Veterans Treatment Court participants to be able to do virtual check-ins with case managers, for County Board of Equalization remote meetings, and other departments.

To see a list of accessible online services through Montgomery County Government, go to the Gov tab at mcgtn.org.


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