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Clarksville City Councilperson Karen Reynolds – Ward 9 Newsletter, April 13th, 2022

Written by Karen Reynolds
Clarksville City Council – Ward 9
City of Clarksville - Ward 9Clarksville, TN – The meeting on April 7th, 2022 was long and I honestly struggled with “what right looked like” on some of the votes, which I will discuss below.  I have left the links for the RPC Survey; it is important that your share your ideas and concerns in your neighborhood.
I labeled the meeting incorrectly, the meeting that occurs on the last Thursday of the Month is our non-voting Executive meeting and the meeting on the first Thursday of the month is our voting Meeting and called Regular Meeting.  I am sorry if I confused you in my last newsletter.
Your voices matter.  It is important to use your voice, we work for you. 
The Regional Planning Commission’s comprehensive plan is underway, please take the opportunity to share your ideas with the planners. 
The map allows you to drop a pin in areas that need a sidewalk or mark an intersection that is not safe.  As residents, you know your neighborhoods and what is needed.

Map Social

Welcome to the interactive mapping tool for the Clarksville – Montgomery County Comprehensive Plan 2045. This tool allows you to create your own map of Clarksville and Montgomery County, highlighting the issues and opportunities that you feel are affecting the region and may have an impact on the project.

In this exercise, you will be able to help identify locations for development or redevelopment, community assets, transportation improvements, and key destinations throughout our City and County. Give it a try and create your map!

Map Social

Community Input Tools

The survey contains questions about critical issues and opportunities facing the community that the Comprehensive Plan process should address. 
Categories Include:
  • Future Growth and Land Use
  • Housing and Neighborhoods
  • Economic Development
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Parks, Natural Resources, and the Environment

Comp Plan Questionare

Planning Commission – Zoning Ordinance

AG Agricultural District
C-2 General Commercial District
C-5: Highway & Arterial Commercial District
M-3 Planned Industrial District
O-1 Office District
R-1 Single Family Residential District
R-2 Single Family Residential District
R-3 Three Family Residential District
R-4 Multiple Family Residential District
R-6 Single Family Residential District
Please reach out if you have concerns regarding the rezoning requests below, they will be voted on a second time at the May 2022 meeting.
ORD 96-2021-22 – REQUEST: C-2 to R-6
LOCATION: Property fronting on the north frontage of Crossland Ave., east of the Shearon Ln. & Crossland Ave. intersection & west of the Kelly Ln. & Crossland Ave. intersection.
REASON FOR REQUEST: Single Family Development
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 6 ACRES: .76 +/-   Estimated Lots:  7 Population:  18
Passed:  I vote YES
ORD 97-2021-22 –REQUEST: R-3 to R-4 
LOCATION: Property fronting on the east frontage of Plum St., 690 +/- feet north of the Plum St. & E St. intersection.
REASON FOR REQUEST: To build affordable housing
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 4 NUMBER OF ACRES: 2.0 +/-  Lots/Units:  24   Population: 64
*Notes:Juanita Charles addressed the council and indicated she plans to build workforce attainable housing, section 8 , and slidng scale units.  I am grateful that she is stepping up and iwll reach out to support this innitiative.
Passed:  I voted YES
ORD 98-2021-22 REQUEST: R-3 to R-6 
LOCATION: Property fronting on the south frontage of E. College St., 685 +/- ft west of the Franklin St. & E. College St. intersection.
REASON FOR REQUEST: Redevelopment for single family homes
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 6  NUMBER OF ACRES: 0.17 +/-  Units:  2 Population:  5
Passed:  I voted YES
Ord 99-2021-22 REQUEST: R-1 to R-2 
LOCATION: Property fronting on the east frontage of Edmondson Ferry Rd., 875 +/- feet south of the Edmondson Ferry Rd. & Jen Hollow Rd. intersection.
REASON FOR REQUEST: The property aforementioned is too narrow to build a single family home as zone R-1.
*Notes: This lot is 88 feet wide and current zoning requires 90 feet to build a home.  The builder plans to build one home. 
Passed:  I voted YES
ORD 100-2021-22 REQUEST: R-1 to R-6 
LOCATION: Property fronting on the south frontage of E. Boy Scout Rd., 2,000 +/- feet west of the Needmore Rd. & E. Boy Scout Rd. intersection.
REASON FOR REQUEST: To build single family houses overlooking the river.
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 8 NUMBER OF ACRES: 2.04 +/-  Lots/Units: 9 Population:  24
*Notes:  I voted against this but I was not sure what was best for the community on this issue. 
The Councilperson who represents this area indicated she supported the rezoning because it will continue the sidewalks and widen the road to Billy Dunlop Park. The road is narrow and there is a plan to connect the neighborhoods by sidewalks to this road.
I considered Billy Dunlop Park and Dunbar Cave Park, both excellent parks but residents can not walk to them.  This is one way to connect the parks to neighborhoods without using taxpayers dollars.  On the other side of this issue is the overcrowding of our schools and current traffic issues on Needmore Road.
The builder indicated that they minimized the number of uniting proposed in a previous rezoning and request and overall the total number of homes build on E. Boy Scout Road does not increase based on the rezoning request.
Passed:  I voted NO
ORD 101-2021-22 REQUEST: R-3 to R-6 
LOCATION: Three parcels fronting on the west frontage of Ford St. west of the Ford St. & Carpenter St. intersection.
REASON FOR REQUEST: To build single-family homes
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 6 NUMBER OF ACRES: 0.29 +/-  Lots/Units:  4  Population:  10
*Notes: I will reach out to the contractor as I have concerns regarding this rezoning request. See New Business for further discussion
This rezoning was postponed to May Meeting. 
ORD 102-2021-22REQUEST: R-1 to R-6 
LOCATION: Property fronting on the south frontage of Lafayette rd. southwest of the Lafayette Rd. & Monarch Ln. intersection.
REASON FOR REQUEST: The subject property is a prime example of a holdout property best suited for in-fill development. In an effort to engender single family development and allow for affordable housing. The R-6 zoning best fits my intention to develop into building lots.
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 2 NUMBER OF ACRES: 7.75 +/-  Lots/Units:  60   Population: 162
Passed:  I voted YES
ORD 103-2021-22 RM-1 to R-6 RPC Recommended Disapproval
LOCATION: Property fronting on the east frontage of Biglen Rd., 270 +/- feet north of the Batts Ln. & Biglen Rd.
REASON FOR REQUEST: To transition from the adjacent apartments on the southeast and single-family mobile home on the northwest
COUNCIL WARD: 3 NUMBER OF ACRES: .94 +/-  Lots:  9  Population:  24 
*Notes:The builder indicated the homes would sell for 230,000 to 250,000 in this very low income area.  I have concerns that we will start a trend that will displace members of community, I indicated that I would vote YES at this meeting but I was continuing to research this rezoning, it has to pass a second vote.  
Passed:  I voted YES
ORD 105-2021-22 REQUEST: C-5 to R-4 
LOCATION: Property fronting on the south frontage of Martin Luther King Blvd., south of the Martin Luther King Blvd. & Memorial Dr. intersection. Property also fronts on the west frontage of Jones Rd.
REASON FOR REQUEST: To provide a transition zone between commercial and single family and provide multi-family development.
Lots/Unis 175 Population 472
*Notes:  Several residents came to speak at the council.  I again struggled with what was right the for the City of Clarksville.  The Buidler idnicated they would widen Jones Road and provide a right turn onto HWY 76.  The buidler agreed to more concensions than are required in other areas.  I voted against the rezoning becuase the traffice and exit were still not sustained onto the road.
Failed I voted NO
ORD 106-2021-22  REQUEST: R-3 to R-6 
LOCATION: Property fronting on the east frontage of West Thompkins Lane at the southern terminus of West Thompkins Lane.

REASON FOR REQUEST: To better utilize the existing property, into 6 lots from 2 tri-plexes
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 6 NUMBER OF ACRES: .967 +/- Lots/Units:  6   Population: 13
Notes:  There is not an increase in units, this will allow individual homes rather than triplex 
Passed:  I voted YES
ORD 92-2021-22
Amending the Official Code of the City of Clarksville Reapportioning the City of Clarksville for the Purpose of Electing Persons for the Office of City Council Member [Annexed Territory Along State Route 12 and East Old Ashland City Road]
Passed:  I voted YES
RESOLUTION 54-2021-22
Annexing certain land south of Highway 12 Between Shellie Drive and Acorn Drive
Passed:  I voted YES
RESOLUTION 55-2021-22
Adopting a Plan Of Service for Certain Annexed Land South of Highway 12 between Shellie Drive and Acorn Drive
Passed:  I voted YES

Consent Agenda City Clerk 

All Items passed
ORD 79-2021-22 Postponed 3/3/22 – Amending the official code of the City of Clarksville, Tennessee relative to the adoption of an updated version of the International Fire Code
ORD 85-2021-22 Amending the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Operating Budget for the Central Business Improvement District (CBID) Ordinance 120-2020-21
ORD 87-2021-22 property located at the intersection of Ringgold Rd. & Ishee Dr. from R-1 to R-2 

ORD 88-2021-22 property located at the intersection of Forest St. & Church St. from R-3 Tto R-6 
ORD 89-2021-22 application of City of Clarksville – Mayor Joe Pitts, Agent – property located at the intersection of Crossland Ave., and Richardson St. from R-3 to R-6 
ORD 91-2021-22 An ordinance accepting the donation of certain real property from Hazelwood Development, a Tennessee General Partnership, to the City Of Clarksville for the purpose of a sewer pump station.
RES 57-2021-22 Approving appointments to the Adult-Oriented Board, Common Design Review Board, Fire Board of Appeals, Human Relations Commission, and the Roxy Board

New Business

ORD 93-2021-22 Authorizing the sale of property located 2015 Ft. Campbell Blvd. at public auction Note:  This is the Old Gas and Water Building – North Service Center
Passed:  I voted YES
ORD 94-2021-22 Designating depositories for the City of Clarksville further authorizing the City of Clarksville to enter into banking services contracts
Passed:  I voted YES

ORD 95-2021-22 Amending the Operating and Capital budgets for the Fiscal Year 2022 for Governmental Funds (ORD 130-2020-21) to add additional funding for Capital Projects for a total of $7,512, 500

Cumberland Garage – Construction Services Increase $5,000,000
Frosty Morn – Construction Services Increase $2,300,000
Smith Trahern – Construction Services Increase $135,000
TDOT Multi-Modal – Construction Services Increase $25,000
Notes:  This Ordinance was amended and the Parking Garage was added.  The total project was $27,460,000 (20,000,000 to support parking garage).  I understand this is a great deal of money but as was stated by another Council Person – the Event center is almost completed, the city did not vote to approve it, but if we don’t create additional parking spaces our downtown business will be drastically affected.
Passed:  I voted YES
RES 56-2021-22 Authorizing a revised new Interlocal Agreement between the City of Clarksville and the United States Of America (Department Of Defense /Department Of The Army / Fort Campbell, Kentucky) for transport of natural gas
Passed:  I voted YES

RES 58-2021-22 Authorizing a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Clarksville, TN and the Rotary Club of Clarksville to accept the donation of $2,380.70 to purchase and install a flagpole and Ukrainian flag to be placed at McGregor Park Avenue of Flags.

Passed:  I voted YES

RES 59-2021-22 Requesting the Regional Planning Commission to initiate, prepare and consider an ORD to amend the zoning code map to rezone certain property within Ward 6

Councilperson Smith is requesting to rezone to R-2A until the study is complete.

Note:  This was a very difficult vote for me personally.  I support Councilperson Wanda Smith’s intent and agree we need to protect this neighborhood, it is a historically black community and should be protected to conserve its historical character.
The Neighborhood and Community Services (Housing) and RPC are working together and will fund a study of the area that should be completed in 6 months.  If this ordinance passed, the rezoning to R-2A would be completed in 4-5 months and then the area rezoned based on the recommendations of the study.  I understand we need to work together to protect this neighborhood but I spoke with RPC and they were concerned with “Re-Zoning” fatigue in the area.  
In support of Councilperson Smith’s intent I reached out to a builder who had a pending rezoning request and he has agreed to wait until the study has been completed.
Failed I voted NO

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