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Jazz On The Lawn: Breezy cool at Beachaven Winery

Local winery is site for relaxation, communal camaraderie, musical inspiration, diverse mini-buffets and flowing fruits of the vine! May Bacchus be praised!

The local phenomenon known as ‘Jazz On The Lawn” rolls on, to great appreciation! Beachaven Winery plays hosts during the summer and early fall to a series of free music concerts on its back lawn, as it were. People of all stripes, shapes and divergent humanity find their way to the soft lilting sounds of music flowing from Dunlop Lane. They come with an immense array of cultural delicacies and favorites to share with friends, along with blankets, lawn chairs and an equally immense appetite to enjoy conversation, friendship and music. Saturday’s concert featured the big brass sounds of Hypertension.

This is Clarksville as few get the opportunity to see her people: a sea of humanity enjoying itself and each other. The music is invariably good and long lasting. The vibes abound throughout the evening and wondrous things occur: a marriage proposal may be presented, old friendships rekindled, and many new ones are fostered.

Beachaven Winery

Beachaven Winery is to be thanked for providing the backdrop for this great community commune to take place. They open “their home’ to all for the evening’s repast. Attendees are admonished not to harm the vines, nor pick the grapes. After all, we are guests in their home and livelihood. If you have never attended, watch the media and start your plans now. August 30th will be here before you know it. The music always starts at 6:30 pm and goes until 9:30 pm. Because seating is “general admission”, it pays to get there around 5 pm to get both a good parking spot and a good viewing spot on the lawn. Our concerts are free admission with free parking.

As always, there are some terms and conditions. Beachaven’s are few and simple; they are called the Rules of the Beach: Please bring with you: your friends, a picnic, and a blanket and/or lawn chairs. Please DO NOT bring with you: pets, grills, and outside alcohol. Also, please pick up your trash! We provide dozens of trash receptacles around the lawn

This is Clarksville’s Summer-long ‘Music Festival Among the Vines!’ “Come, Hear the Music Play!”

Upcoming Concerts

  • August 30 – Tim Gonzalez & Friends
  • September 20 – The Dean Martinis
  • October 4 – Joel Brown
  • October 25 – Tina Brown

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