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Marina and Fairgrounds Park Update

Ward 10 Councilman Bill Summers
The City Councilman for Ward 10, Bill Summers

As you may recall, the Marina and Fairgrounds Park rebuild was to be broken into three phases. Phase 1 was the actual digging of the marina basin and the building of an Observation facility and Arboretum. The marina was priced in the $9.1 million dollar range with the Observation facility and Arboretum costing about another $1.48 million.

The bidding for Phase 1 was conducted last week. The bid results were a big surprise. There was considerable interest in the project by a number of heavy construction companies. Sixteen companies made the list of bidders. Nine companies actually placed bids with the low bid coming at $7,987,350 from TMS Contracting, LLC of Clarksville. The next lowest bid was only $7,650 higher.

This is a considerable price savings over the original projections. Bid opening on Phases 2 & 3 will be held in the August and September time frames.

Initial construction of Phase 1 should begin in a matter of weeks. The marina portion of the project should be completed in about a year. I’ll keep you posted as events occur.

Thank you,
Bill Summers

About Bill Summers

Bill Summers is the City Councilman for Ward 10 in Clarksville, TN.  If you need help with a Ward 10, or city problem, contact him via email, or by phone at 358-3579


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