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Peer support network for area mothers created

New web forum provides Clarksville mothers with a much needed peer support resource.

Blythe Belenky

Clarksville Mommies LogoBlythe Belenky was a member of TriangleMommies.com while living in Raleigh, NC,and felt completely lost without it when she moved to Tennessee.  She did not know how to find the answers to simple questions, such as what preschool is the best, where to get a haircut, which park will be the most fun, or where to buy the best produce.  In September 2009, she started ClarksvilleMommies.com to share her experiences and to offer other moms the advantages of a Mommies Network site and the ability to make friends.  It is wonderful resource for finding out about the area and finding friends, many of whom she knows will be life-long.

Members chat online in a private forum – discussing everything from the best photographers to the worst temper tantrums and all that lies between – and meet-up regularly at member-driven events around town.  Whether it’s a late night commiseration on a crying baby (there are 4AM posts to prove it), or a Mom’s Night Out, ClarksvilleMommies provides what local moms need, when and how they need it.

But ClarksvilleMommies is more than just a community of moms.  It’s made up of moms who live in and want the best for our community.  Members work full time, stay home full time, work part time, represent many races, are pregnant for the first time, are adoptive moms, were adopted themselves, recently moved to the area, have lived here all their lives, have twins, are happy with one, are single moms, are searching out schools and have watched their kids graduate.  In other words, the members of ClarksvilleMommies are a reflection of mothers in the real world.  And they help out their neighbors as much as themselves through organized fundraisers and other charity events – specifically those focused on providing for mothers and their children.

ClarksvilleMommies is completely free.  If you’re a mom in search of other moms to connect with, register today to access the discussion forums, events calendar and more.

ClarksvilleMommies.com is a community within The Mommies Network, a 501c(3) organization.


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