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New Year, New Lesson Plans!

Kendall Welsh
Kendall Welsh

ARTifacts, Art & Antique EmporiumJunk!  I love it!  So when my sister, Paige, suggested that we take the 2nd floor of her historic downtown building and turn it into an antique store I thought, “FUN!”   Then she said, “What about local art and antiques?”  Very cool idea, no?  We were huge fans of the shop local, live local campaigns sweeping the nation, even before it was hip.  It was a great plan.  She is the business mind, has the property just begging for something fun to be done with the space, and I needed a job!  PERFECT!

So, we got to work.  3 years later, here we are and I have learned so much about how to manage a business with over 40 art & antique vendors.  But what have I learned about art?  What about antiques?  TONS!  But there is so much still to learn.  Time to be a student again.

As I started thinking about events I could attend, questions I could/should ask , I started looking for books that would help me with my broad range of questions.  What I found is that there is no one single source for all the information I want and need to know.   I do, however, have something that I am sure most people don’t,  I know over 40 professionals that are relative experts in their fields.  I have learned so much from each vendor of the past 3 years, and I have so much more to learn.

So, as I further my education I thought I’d share what I’m learning in this column. I’ll share what I’m learning about art, antiques, handcrafts & more.  I appreciate Clarksville Online for giving me an outlet to share my forthcoming knowledge.  Writing this column will hold me accountable for continuing down this path of discovery with you!  As you read my articles, I hope you will send me questions to follow-up and suggestions.

My plan is simple, I will interview local artists, local antique dealers, handcrafters, junkers, etc  and share what I learn from these interesting and creative people.

Here is my first lesson:

Vintage, antique, collectible, retro, or junk?  How do you know the difference?

Come back next week to find out the answer.

Kendall Welsh
Kendall Welsh
Kendall Welsh works with businesses in Historic Downtown Clarksville, helping to keep the community informed about downtown activities and events.

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