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APSU presents special ‘Landscape in Art and Music’ on March 28th

Austin Peay State UniversityClarksville, TN – For centuries, artists and musicians have found inspiration in landscapes. Maybe it’s the serenity of a sunset over a wooded hill or the danger implied by looming dark mountains that speaks to them on a visceral level. Whatever the cause, creative giants such as the artist Pablo Picasso and the composer Robert Schumann have evoked the earth’s vast and unfathomable settings for some of their greatest works.

On March 28th, Austin Peay State University will host a special program, “Landscape in Art and Music: Small Art Works on Paper with Music for Small Ensembles,” that will fuse together these two art forms. The event, which is free and open to the public, begins at 6:00pm with a gallery viewing and a concert to follow at 7:30pm in the Music/Mass Communication Building.

“It’s a combination of an art exhibit and concert with the overarching theme of ‘Landscape,’” Dr. Patricia Halbeck, APSU professor of music and event coordinator, said. “I have been interested in a combination of art and music for a long time, and have done some concerts with art as part of the performance. This is the first time I will have a full-fledged exhibit with ‘live’ art running alongside the concert.”

The artwork will be on display in the MMC lobby before the concert, but some of the pieces will be projected in the concert hall during the performance.

“The art is mostly water color, ink and colored pencil with some acrylic,” Warren Greene, associate professor of art at APSU, said. “All of the art will be in the lobby, including a Picasso and a Chagall. The two pieces are original prints done by the artists.”

Local collectors are providing these two works, along with pieces by Georges Braques and Villon. APSU art faculty and invited guest artists will also exhibit pieces that were directly inspired by the music on the program.

The artwork, however, is only a portion of the evening’s program. At 7:30pm, Halbeck and members of the APSU music faculty will take the stage to perform iconic works that fall under the ‘landscape’ theme.

“The music features a variety of ensembles, styles and composers from Romantic Schumann songs to Chopin’s familiar solo piano writing to the atmospheric work for two pianos and percussion in George Crumb’s ‘To a Starry Night,’” Halbeck said.

For more information on this one-night only event, contact Halbeck at 931-221-7636.


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