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Clarksville Police reports Teenager allegedly kidnapped Wednesday Night

Clarksville Police Advises Caution when Approaching or Assisting a Stranger

Clarksville Police DepartmentClarksville, TN – On April 25th, around 10:30pm, a woman called Clarksville Police to report that her 16 year old daughter did not return home from an evening church service and was missing and there were people out looking for her.

While officers were meeting with the mother to take a report, one of the people who had been looking for the missing teenager found her vehicle in a field off of the 2200 block of Allen-Griffey Road.

Officers arrived and found the 16 year old tied up in the back seat of the red Jeep Wrangler. The teenager told officers that she dropped a friend off after church in the Buchanon Drive neighborhood and as she turned onto Allen-Griffey Road she saw a man walking and then fall down hard on the roadway.

She got out of her vehicle to check on the man, at which point, he jumped up and came toward her. He was wearing a mask and had some type of sharp object in his hand.

She ran back and got in her car and started to drive away, but the man jumped in the passenger side and started yelling at her. He grabbed the steering wheel causing the vehicle to leave the roadway and crash into some brush.

After the vehicle stopped, she said the man began tearing apart the vehicle and yelling. At some point, she was struck on the head, blacked out, woke up, and blacked out a couple more times. The next time she woke up it was to the bright light of Police flashlights.

She was transported to the hospital, checked out, and released. For the most part, the juvenile was physically unharmed and there were no indications of sexual assault.

Officers did not locate anyone in the area and neither did the K-9 track of the area. The vehicle was towed and is being processed for evidence.

Anyone who may have seen someone walking or a red Jeep Wrangler in the area of Buchanan Drive and Allen-Griffey Road between 9:00pm and 11:30pm is asked to call Clarksville Police at 931.645.8477.

The lead investigators are Detective Ronald Parrish or Detective Fontella Jones.


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