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Clarksville Montgomery County School System Students explore ways to Feed 9 Billion on Planet Earth

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School SystemMontgomery County, TN – Clarksville-Montgomery County students and biology teachers are spending this week learning how science knowledge really counts on a 21st century farm and the impact on feeding a global population, which will reach nine billion by 2050.

STEM - Disection. (Photo by CMCSS Communications Department)
STEM – Disection. (Photo by CMCSS Communications Department)

The students are looking at how to produce more crops and cattle with less farmland available. One of the overarching themes was having the students look at the efficiency of cattle production by examining breeding options and management of crop production.

Today, students met with Dr. Lannett Edwards who involved the students in artificially inseminating a cow, disecting the reproductive organs of a cow and examining calf fetuses. Dr. Edwards, who was one of the research scientists involved in the famous “Dolly” cloning project, gave students and teachers hands-on involvement in the insemination process and in disecting reproductive tracks of cows. Discussions about the ethics of cloning also took place.

Yesterday, students and teachers saw the application of GPS in planting crops. On Thursday, students and teachers will go to Pembroke, KY, just across the Tennessee state line, where they will learn about ethanol. They then will go to a meat process business where they will learn how to grade meat. To end the day on Thursday, they will go to the Kentucky-Tennessee Livestock Market in Guthrie, KY.

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