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Red River Sirens to hold Co-Announcer and National Anthem Singer Auditions

Red River SirensClarksville, TN – Clarksville Roller Derby’s Red River Sirens are having Co-Announcer and National Anthem Singer Auditions. Sing your heart out for us by representing our country and team in a respectful rendition of our nation’s anthem!

Can’t sing but want can fill dead air with chatter? An announcer is the person behind the microphone at derby bouts that explains and entertains. Not required, but most announcers take their own derby names and personas or a specific boutfit to help distinguish them while also adding to the entertainment value.

An announcer is responsible for having a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game, talking for long stretches without a script, and handle a play by play while adding colorful commentary.

You must also be able to inform and educate the audience and continually rope their attention back to the game while keeping the crowd amped and engaged. You must be able to remember skater names, numbers, lists of sponsors and the address for the after-party. The audience needs to know not only what happens, but why it’s happening. HOWEVER, the announcer must NEVER reveal the Jammers position.

Clarksville Roller Derby formed in 2010 as the first active roller derby league in Clarksville. Red River Sirens are the League’s first team, and are Starting their 3rd season of competition. To qualify for the team, skaters are required to pass the minimum skills test established by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). In addition to team and individual athletic training, skaters hold positions on various committees to keep the all-volunteer organization running.

Red River Sirens 2013 Season Schedule
Date Opponent Location
April 6th at Southern Illinois Roller Girls Marion, IL
April 27th Double Header vs Derby City Roller Girls Clarksville, TN
May 18th at Bowling Green Hot Broads Bowling Green, KY
June 8th vs Nashville Roller Girls Brawl Stars Clarksville, TN
June 22th at Rolling Arsenal of Derby Huntsville, AL
June 23rd at Honky Tonk Stomp Tourney Johnson City, TN
July 13th at Cape Girardeau Roller Girls Cape Girardeau, MO
July 27th Interleague game
August 31st vs Rolling Arsenal of Derby Clarksville, TN
September 28th vs Southern Illinois Roller Girls Clarksville, TN
October 26th at Rome Rollergirls Rome, GA
Home = Magic Wheels, 1671 Fort Campbell Boulevard, Clarksville, TN

 About Clarksville Roller Derby League

Clarksville Roller Derby League formed in 2010 to promote roller derby as a sport, to organize roller derby teams, and to nurture self-confidence in women by developing teamwork and athletic ability while encouraging individuality within a culture of discipline, sisterhood and stewardship through training of the competitive sport of roller derby. The league operates under the guidelines of the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) and is run completely by volunteers.

The team’s website is www.ClarksvilleRollerDerby.com.

About Roller Derby

Roller Derby is an American-made contact sport that originated in the early 1900s. The sport was highly popular in the 1970s when professional matches were televised and the sport shared a reputation for staged action. Today’s game, which involves higher levels of strategy, is currently regaining popularity all over the country. Teams are currently active in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville.

Roller Derby is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. Today’s teams are all-female, self-organized, and feature athleticism and campy outfits. Men are welcome to participate as coaches, referees, announcers and in team support roles. The sport is governed by the rules of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), which sets the rules and determines the baseline skills required of participants.

Visit www.wftda.com for more information.


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