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Clarksville Police issues Car Recovery Update

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – Divers from the Montgomery County Emergency Medical Service were able to attach a cable to the submerged vehicle in the Cumberland River at approximately 12:15pm Friday, December 5th.

Because of the cable’s precarious hold on the car, a marker buoy was also attached so that the car could be quickly relocated if the cable had not held. Recovery, however, was successful on the first attempt.

The red Dodge Avenger was pulled out of the water, across the rip-rap retaining stones, and onto the Riverwalk at 12:30pm. A deceased adult male in military uniform was inside the car.

The car and the individual have been transported to the Clarksville Police Department Special Operations Division for examination and identification.

Clarksville Police Department detectives are working with Fort Campbell authorities to further the investigation.

As you know, there was some conjecture that search operations may have located a second vehicle in the Cumberland River last night. Divers, however, did not make contact with any other vehicles during Fridays recovery operation.


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