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Clarksville Police report juvenile escapee Tai Harrell captured

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – Clarksville Police report that juvenile Tai Harrell, age 16, who was on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) wanted list and has been on the run since April 11th, 2019 after escaping from a juvenile detention facility, is now in custody and being held in a Kentucky detention facility.

The Clarksville Police Department’s relentless efforts to recapture Tai Harrell came to fruition last night when he was taken in custody in Oak Grove, KY without incident around 11:00pm.

Juvenile Tai Harrell has been taken into custody in Oak Grove, KY.
Juvenile Tai Harrell has been taken into custody in Oak Grove, KY.

Tai Harrell’s capture has been a priority since his escape. Resources from patrol, detective, special operations, traffic, and dispatch have all had been involved in the efforts to track Harrell down.

Each sighting or rumored location of Harrell was checked out or investigated. There was more than one occasion when a tip came in, officers surrounded a location, and came up empty handed since he was not there or had already left.

CPD also coordinated with other agencies such as the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Oak Grove Police to check locations outside of their jurisdiction.

Tai Harrell.
Tai Harrell.

TBI was involved and provided resources and technology in the effort to locate Harrell.

There were occasions when he was spotted driving a vehicle but, due to his known total disregard for safety and displayed reckless behavior, police chose not to pursue the vehicle and further endanger the public. Harrell’s ability to evade capture was facilitated by taking money or items from unlocked vehicles and stealing vehicles which were either left running or unlocked with keys left inside.

Clarksville Police have been following leads and monitoring locations where Harrell frequented since his escape. He was spotted in a vehicle yesterday while doing surveillance in one of the known area. He was covertly followed into Oak Grove, KY where the vehicle stopped at a Tyler Street residence.

Oak Grove police were contacted and were allowed inside of the residence where Tai Harrell was found hiding in a closet. He was taken in custody and transported to a Kentucky juvenile detention facility. His extradition will be coordinated through juvenile authorities. He has a court date in Hopkinsville, KY, May 21st, 2019.

As of now, there are 26 juvenile petitions on file. The investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible. Also, other charges may be filed for those found to have harbored or assisted Tai Harrell. The pickup stolen at the time of his escape was previously recovered, abandoned, at an apartment complex. The gun has not been recovered.

Clarksville Police would like to thank the public, media, and other agencies for their assistance in recapturing Tai Harrell.


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