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Planters Bank Kicking Off Season of Giving with $60,000 Donation

Planters BankClarksville, TN – Planters Bank announces today the kickoff of its annual Season of Giving. 12 area organizations throughout Western Kentucky and Tennessee will be supported through the giving campaign, kicking off with $60,000 in initial donations. 

Entering its seventh year, the Planters Bank Season of Giving is a bank tradition that has a goal of bringing awareness to non-profit organizations’ missions at the same time as fundraising for the organizations.  

Planters Bank Season of Giving

“As a community bank, it is our responsibility to give back to our community.  The Season of Giving is a great way for our employees, our communities, and our non-profits to all come together for these great causes,” says Planters Bank CEO Elizabeth McCoy. 

She continues, “This year is a year quite unlike any other.  We felt it was extremely important we continue our Season of Giving now more than ever.”

Planters Bank worked with local makers to produce two special gift items – one Kentucky gift and one Tennessee gift.  Their custom gift tins are filled with a “Scent of the Season” all natural soy candle as well as a custom designed flour sack towel. 

The candle was produced locally by Clarksville Candle Company, and the designs that adorn each of the items were hand-drawn and produced especially for the Season of Giving by local custom branded merchandise agency Williams Advertising.  Each set retails for $20.00 and is available for purchase in every Planters Bank location beginning today. 

Planters Bank purchased the gift items from local makers.  Those items are then sold in each branch to support the branch’s featured Season of Giving organization, with 100% of that purchase price donated directly to the organization supported in that branch (see list).

This year, Planters Bank is giving each supported organization a $5,000 donation before any product is even sold.  

“We support many non-profits in our communities all year long, but especially in 2020 we’ve tried to do as much as we can to support non-profits and small businesses alike. When we looked at who we could most impact with the Season of Giving this year it was some of our cultural organizations-the groups that have been impacted by lack of patronage or had their fundraising options eliminated this year.  We are hoping to support groups that will still be here for us to enjoy when life gets “back to normal,” says McCoy. 

In addition to supporting these groups through purchases in each branch, the bank is donating $5.00 for every photo shared of the items in use, as well as $25.00 for every checking or savings account opened mentioning the Season of Giving when visiting a Planters Bank location.  

Visit the Planters Bank Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to learn more and participate, and find out more about Planters Bank’s philanthropic efforts at plantersbankonline.com.


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