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A look back at the 2010 elections


The results of the 2010 election were predestined. Here is a look at why that was the case.

There was a simmering dissatisfaction by progressive voters who came out and supported the Democrats in 2008; expecting the Obama administration to fight for the them on the issues such as the economy, jobs, health care reform, financial reform, and ending the never ending wars. Instead the administration supported more right of center positions on these issues, which caused many long time Democrat and Independent voters to be unwilling to go out and support them in this election.

The Democrats surrendered before the fight began in the name of bipartisanship. For example on health care reform to secure Republican support the Obama Administration removed the popular single payer health option from the table to protect the interests of for-profit hospitals and private insurance companies. In the end not one single Republican crossed the aisle to vote in favor of the plan. This has been the case in policy after policy. Bipartisanship is a two edged sword, which only works when both sides come to the table in good faith; and this has not been the case from the very beginning of the Obama Administration. «Read the rest of this article»

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HUD announces $113 million available for public housing transformation, community revitalization.

Obama Administration Stresses Early Childhood Education in 2009 HOPE VI Program

hudlogoWASHINGTON – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the availability of $113 million in HOPE VI funding today in a keynote address on the future of urban revitalization at the National Press Club during the Brookings Institution’s event, “From Despair to Hope: Two HUD Secretaries on Urban Revitalization and Opportunity.” Donovan joined former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros in a comprehensive discussion about the HOPE VI revitalization program and the Obama Administration’s proposed Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, which seeks to build on the lessons from HOPE VI and expand urban revitalization beyond public housing. The full text of Donovan’s speech is available here.

“The HOPE VI Program has improved the conditions of low-income communities across this nation,” said Donovan. “However, HOPE VI was developed in response to the concentrated poverty that resulted not in spite of government housing policy in the twentieth century – but often because of it. Now is the time for us to take the lessons learned from HOPE VI, build on the accomplishments, and broaden the scope of the program for broader impact. Today’s funding announcement is the first step toward this new comprehensive approach, because for the first time, we are encouraging housing authorities to incorporate early childhood education components into the HOPE VI planning process.” «Read the rest of this article»

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Feds, States launch crackdown on foreclosure scams, loan fraud


Civil enforcement cases, state enforcement actions, alert to financial institutions among new efforts to protect American homeowners seeking relief

mortgage-fraudWASHINGTON – As homeowners and communities throughout the country continue to face devastating consequences from the deep contraction in the economy and the housing market, the Obama Administration today announced a new coordinated effort across federal and state government and the private sector to target mortgage loan modification fraud and foreclosure rescue scams that threaten to hurt American homeowners and prevent them from getting the help they need during these challenging times. «Read the rest of this article»

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Math and art in education


math-and-artI cannot remember a time when people were not decrying the state of mathematics education in America. Or a time when there weren’t occasional stories in the newspaper or on television about how American kids are falling behind their peers in Japan, Europe, and recently China in math education.

I cannot remember a time when school districts across the nation were not cutting back on their arts curricula, because shrinking school budgets and increasing focus on standardized testing were forcing them to focus only on “core subjects.”

Lately I have been thinking that these phenomena are related by more than just money and America’s bizarre lack of focus on school funding. With the stimulus bill now signed into law and the mathematics education in America promising to bring our schools into the twenty-first century, this has been on my mind lately. «Read the rest of this article»


Celebrate “change” at Silke’s Tonight!


barack-2“It’s a new day!”

That’s the theme of a gathering to be held at Silke’s Old World Breads, 1214 A College Street, on January 24 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

That’s the theme of a gathering to be held at Silke’s Old World Breads, 1214 A College Street, on January 24 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Written on the invitational flyer are these words: “Despite the turmoil in our country, we would like to celebrate the Inauguration of our new president and usher in an era of positive change and hope for peace and prosperity for all.” «Read the rest of this article»


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