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Clarksville Women for Obama hold Affordable Care Act event


Clarksville Women For ObamaClarksville, TN – As part of the national women’s week of action, the Clarksville Women for Obama held a house party at Singleton’s Restaurant to talk about the Affordable Care Act. The purpose of the meeting was to help educate women (and men) on how health care reform is making a difference for them and their families right now and how it is going to help them in the future.

The turnout was great and it gave a lot of women and men in Clarksville the chance to learn more about the Affordable Care Act benefits.

Clarksville Women for Obama

Clarksville Women for Obama

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Austin Peay State University students hosted Black Balloon Rally in memory of Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin<br />(February 5th, 1995 – February 26th, 2012)

Trayvon Martin

Clarksville, TN – A Black Balloon rally was held in memory of Trayvon Martin, the Florida youth who was fatally gunned down by George Zimmerman, an overzealous neighborhood watch captain. The rally was held outdoors in the free speech area at Austin Peay State University’s (APSU), Morgan University Student Center.

The Black Balloon theme was the idea of Lelann Evans and several other APSU students and was suppose to include a moment on the agenda when everyone present would be given a balloon, and then let it go so that it would continue to fly upwards to heaven so that Trayvon Martin would know that he and his family were in the attendees hearts and prayers. «Read the rest of this article»

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Clarksville Women For Obama to hold Affordable Care Act house meeting


Written by Wanda McMoore

Clarksville, TN – On March 31st, 2012 Clarksville For Obama will host a “Women for Obama House Meeting on Health Care”. The event will take place at Singleton’s Restaurant located at 1502 Fort Campbell Boulevard Clarksville, TN (next to Dodges Store) Starting at 12:00 noon.

As part of a national women’s week of action, folks across the country will be hosting Women for Obama parties & meetings to talk with other women who may not know exactly how health care reform is making a difference for them and their families.

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New Year ushers in the new Tennessee Voter Photo ID Law


Tennessee Urban Resource CenterClarksville, TN – For as long as I can remember New Years Day has always been a time for reflection, resolutions and change. But as we usher in the 2012 New Year, quality of life changes are not the only things we all need to consider.

January 1st, 2012 also brought with it the installation of the new Tennessee Voter Photo ID Law. The new law requires all people to show a valid state or federal government-issued photo ID in order to vote at the polls.

Regardless of political party affiliation, without the proper photo ID, you won’t be able to vote for anyone during the election season this includes National, State or Local elections such as the President, school board, city council, congress or House of Representatives both federal and state levels, etc.

New Tennessee Voter Photo ID Law

New Tennessee Voter Photo ID Law

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Local actress to star in 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning play


Ruined at Tennessee State University's Performing Arts CenterNashville, TN – Tamara McMoore of Clarksville will star in the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning play “Ruined” by Lynn Nottage. The play involves the plight of women in the civil war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

A rain forest bar and brothel in the brutally war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo is the setting for Lynn Nottage’s much honored and acclaimed new play.  The establishment’s shrewd matriarch, Mama Nadi both protects and profits from the women whose bodies have become battlegrounds between the government soldiers and rebel forces alike.
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Wanda McMoore supports Kim McMillan


In a Letter to the Editor, Clarksville Tennessee resident Wanda McMoore lays out her support for Mayoral Candidate Kim McMillan

Kim McMillan

Kim McMillan

If you really want to know who you should vote for to lead Clarksville during the next four years, I am here to tell you, vote for Kim McMillan. I am casting my vote for the one candidate who has already proven that she is a leader and strong representative for Clarksville and Montgomery County, Tennessee.

In case you didn’t know, or may have momentarily forgotten, Kim McMillan has served our community as a State Representative for twelve solid years, during which time her intelligence, leadership capabilities and interpersonal work skills helped to have her elected by her peers as the TN State House Majority Leader.  Kim has experience also in the state Finance, Ways and Means Committee as well as the State Budget Subcommittee.   Additionally, Kim served as Governor Bredesen’s Senior Advisor. «Read the rest of this article»

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CMCSS e-mail “misunderstood” by principals; community leaders appeased but mourn “lost opportunity”


A delegation of multi-cultural community leaders met with Clarksville-Montgomery County School System Director of Schools Michael Harris today to learn why a number of the city’s high school students were not allowed access to inaugural coverage of President Barack Obama.


After the meeting,front row from left: Urban Resoucre Center Director Terry McMoore, Wanda McMoore, Pastor Tommy Vallejos, and Naomi Jerkins; back row from left, Ward 5 School Board representative Jimmie Garland sr., Joann Latz, Pastor Jerry Jerkins, and Frank Washington of the NAACP and PCA.

CMCSS was deluged with phone calls for and against viewing the inauguration on school time, and the questionable e-mail to teachers was the result. The e-mail from the directors of high, middle and elementary schools read in part:

“If any of your teachers is going to show the Inauguration in the classroom it should be tied to their curriculum … I think you may leave yourself open to question if students are just watching the Inauguration in a passive manner. If it is tied to instruction the Inauguration can be a highly relevant event to learn about and from. «Read the rest of this article»


Justice Department, HUD, hear citizen concerns on development, urban renewal


CPRC member Don Sharpe speaks out against redevelopment at "fact-finding" community meeting

“Sued for a half million dollars for speaking out…”

“This ordinance is detrimental to the community…”

“The City Council ‘rubber stamped’ the mayor…”

“I don’t think they have a plan…”

“Our Leadership doesn’t want to listen to us….”

“CHA is a shadow, not a voice…”

“Preying on minority communities…”

“I’ve never been to a public forum where the public couldn’t speak…”

This is what representatives from the United States Department of Justice, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Institute for Justice  heard when they came to Clarksville Thursday to listen to community concerns about the about the city’s controversial redevelopment plans. Seventy people participated in a fact-finding meeting at the New Providence Community Center on Oak Street sponsored by the NAACP and the Urban Resource Center.

Walter Atkinson, Senior Conciliation Specialist with the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service (Southeast Region IV), in stating that the meeting was “to hear community concerns,” said his role was in part to try and avert “litigation.”

“I am here to listen and observe,” Atkinson said, noting that it was letters from NAACP Chapter President Jimmie Garland and Terry McMoore of the Urban Resource Center that focused federal attention on this local issue. Atkinson had been “in communication” with Mayor Johnny Piper and with the Downtown District Partnership Board. Piper, DDP members and most sitting City Councilors did not attend this meeting. Jim Doyle, who was not re-elected to his Ward 8 seat, along with newly elected councilors Candy Johnson, David Allen and Jeff Burkhart did attend the meeting and spoke with the Ward 6 constituency. «Read the rest of this article»

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Latinos for Obama: A full house at MCDP for the 2nd Presidential Debate


A concerned face among the gatheringPre-presidential debate event is well attended with diverse community population. Hispanic/Latino community activists speak out on election, progress, and issues facing all voters.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party Headquarters, 534 Madison Street, served as the host site for the Latinos For Obama House Party. As a prelude to the 2nd presidential debate, the gathering was a well attended affair that drew participants from beyond just the Latino/Hispanic community.

Fabian Bedne answers a question

Fabian Bedne, making a point...

Fabian Bedne, an architectural engineer, was the guest speaker for the event. Bedne is a founding member and President of the Middle Tennessee Hispanic Democrats, founding member of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, the Tennessee Hispanic Voters Coalition PAC, and member of the Executive Committee of the Davidson County Democratic Party.

Bedne has been featured various times in news print, television and recently spoke to Latino Democrats from around the country as an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Fabian Bedne address the gathering

Fabian Bedne addresses voters at MCDP headquarters

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WomenforObama celebrate women suffrage 88th anniversary

Clarksville Women For Obama

Clarksville Women For Obama

Celebration marks 88th anniversary of passage of 19th Amendment. Tennessee’s ratification, as the 33rd state to do so, made the law effective. Many women made great sacrifices to make this legislation the law of the land. It is one of many fronts in the struggle for civil rights.

WomenForObama held a celebratory commemoration of the 88th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It was the 19th Amendment which gave women in the United States the right to vote. The Montgomery County Democratic Party Headquarters was the celebration site with a roster of prominent local women speakers who addressed the significance of women suffrage and civil rights in the furtherance of the American Ideal.


Motivational speaker Cindy Pitts with moderator Wanda McMoore

Wanda McMoore was the event moderator. As a mother, nurse, military service veteran and community organizer, she was a prime example of the women in times past who have fought for equality and justice while still balancing the demands of a family and career. She introduced each speaker and kept the event moving along on schedule. «Read the rest of this article»


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