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The Honor Band


TrumpetClarksville, TN – The past two weekends have been a pretty exciting time in our household. My oldest son Walt, an eighth grade student at Rossview Middle School, earned the privilege of playing in two different Mid-State Honor Bands.

He was selected to play in the Jr. High Gold Band, as well as the Jr. High Gold Jazz Band.  To make one of those bands is certainly an accomplishment, but to make it into both of them is, in my opinion, amazing!

Walt is a great trumpet player, just like his dad. Walt is a young man who has a wealth of natural ability and is very smart. Most things come very easily to him. He is handsome. He is funny. He is kind. He also taller than his momma! Every time I look up at him now (literally), my heart feels a tinge of sadness, as I know my precious first-born son is quickly making the journey to manhood.

During the weeks leading up to his performances, Walt had a couple of life lessons that were hard to deal with. In the end he had to work hard to earn back the trust of an adult he respects and admires. I remember those times growing up. Times when everything should have been going my way, but then due to circumstances, a poor choice, or lack of responsibility on my part, I found myself on restriction, needing to make an apology or earn back trust.

I remember feeling as though my life was ruined, and I had messed everything up. It happens to all of us. It’s part of growing up. It’s part of maturing. It is part of the way we learn the value of the things we have been given or earned.

Thankfully with some loving guidance from my parents, my life lessons turned out okay. And, I am happy to say the same for Walt. The process was not easy and it certainly was not fun, but in the end he learned some valuable truths that will stay with him.

As I sat in each of the concerts watching him play, I must tell you my heart nearly burst with pride. All I could think about was how proud I am of him. He was focused. He watched the director. He looked so snappy in his suit and tie. When he played his solo it was all I could do to stay in my seat and not stand up and scream, “Did you all just hear that?” “Wasn’t that amazing?” “Isn’t he the best?” “Oh yes, and by the way, HE’S MINE!”

As I think about that, I am reminded that the Lord is the same with us;

Psalm 17:8 says: “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

Our heavenly Father calls us the “apple of His eye”. He is proud of us. He is delighted with us! He is with us through everything we do. Every first step, every new word, every up and every down. He sees it all and helps us along the way. He picks up when we fall, He carries us when we feel we cannot go on and He cheers for us like crazy when we succeed! I can just hear him saying, “Do you see my child?” “Isn’t she the best?” “Isn’t he amazing?”

God is crazy about us!  So remember, the next time you find yourself coming through a life lesson having learned a few things, the Lord is cheering you on, smiling from ear to ear, and bursting with pride, over you!

About Kim Edmondson

    Kim Edmondson

    Kim Edmondson has the privilege of being a pastor’s wife, mom, friend and teacher. Chris, her husband of 19 years, is the pastor of which meets at Northeast High School.

    She is a graduate of Austin Peay State University, with a degree in Vocal Performance, and currently serves as a private voice and piano instructor, and the Lesson Administrator at Mary’s Music Store.

    Kim enjoys running, decorating, time with her friends, and a great cup of coffee.  She and her husband Chris have three amazing boys, who keep them smiling and make everyday an adventure.





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