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Tour of Wurdz, Icehouse Cafe to host election night “Open Mic”

Tour of Wurdz is a non-profit Cause.  Beginning with a simple request to do a poetry reading, writer /activist/artist Gikuyu and his friend artist /author Brandt Hardin to created Tour of Wurdz. The cornerstone of their mission is a commitment to contribute.

The election on Nov 4th will be one of the most important elections to a lot of people, a Tour of Wurdz spokesman said, adding that on election night at the Icehouse Café on University Drive art works by some of the regions finest artists, including Brandt Hardin, will be on display to augment both poetry and prose offered during an open mic.

Enjoy the music performed by those who’s willing to get on stage and share themselves while also watching the election unfold on the wide screen T.V. The theme of this event is “Reality Check.”

With the mantra of being the “most open open mic on the planet, it is necessary to create  an atmosphere in events that is open to any and all people, not only on the mics but also on the walls as well. Our venues are diverse: three dozen events, and event including art shows, baby showers, political shows, heavy metal shows, and a Mother’s Day event in a park. Within the past two years the focus has been on giving benefits for various organizations that are beneficial to the community including a food drive for Centerstone, a benefit for the Ovarian Coalition for Middle Tennessee, several fund raising events for the Army Emergency Relief Fund, including a fund raiser for a Christian family center in rural Tennesee. With every event three things are always present: words, arts and music. Having all three present at each event gives it the wholeness that is needed to provide our commitment to contribute.


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