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Pitts appointed to key House committees

District 67 Representative begins service on crucial Education and Commerce Committees

Joe PittsNASHVILLE, TN:  State Representative Joe Pitts (D-Clarksville) was appointed to serve on two key House committees, continuing the busy start to the 106th General Assembly that began with his swearing in as a member of the state House of Representatives.

“It is an honor to be given the opportunity to serve on both committees,” Pitts said, “This appointment gives me the opportunity to have input on some of the important issues facing the people of Clarksville and Montgomery County.”

In addition to the Commerce Committee, Pitts was also named Vice Chairman of the Utilities and Banking subcommittee.  With experience as a banker, Pitts believes he will be able to share important insight on the committee and subcommittee level during his 2nd term in the Tennessee Legislature.

“In these unique times, Tennessee is being faced with some difficult challenges,” said Pitts. “It is my hope that on these committees I will have the opportunity to serve, not only my district, but all the people of Tennessee and help get us back on the right track to prosperity.”

With the appointment to the Education Committee, the two term democrat from Clarksville will also serve on the Higher Education subcommittee.  “Since my election to the General Assembly I have been unwavering in my support of our public education system,” Pitts said.  “As a member of the Higher Education subcommittee I will work with President Hall, his faculty and staff, in continuing to make Austin Peay State University the premier university for our region.”

Pitts was sworn in Tuesday, January 12, as a member of the state Austin Peay State University representing Montgomery County.


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