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Your Montgomery County Government recently received several awards

Montgomery County, TN SealWe are pleased to announce that Montgomery County Government recently received several awards!

Three-Star-LogoThe first is for our community economic preparedness by the Department of Economic and Community Development, as a certified member of the Three-Star Program. This initiative, a Five-Year Asset-Based Strategic Plan, recognizes the importance of successful community development and its impact on sustaining economic growth. Montgomery County is certified as a Benchmark Level III recipient. This designation brings grant opportunities as well as reductions in the local match for the Fast Track Grants.

Hemlock Semiconductor CorporationTwo others awards received recently were from the Greater Nashville Regional Council. The first was an Economic Development Award for the County’s commitment and efforts that helped bring Hemlock Semiconductor, LLC to the County’s mega-site. This project will have significant economic impact and the County worked hard with many entities to make this project come to fruition. Second is a Public Facilities award for the creation of Civic Hall in Veterans’ Plaza. This multipurpose event space was much needed for Montgomery County and serves as a source of revenue for the County.

We are very proud of these recent accomplishments and continue to work hard for the citizens of Montgomery County!

Former District 18 Commissioner Mark Kelly
Former District 18 Commissioner Mark Kelly

For those who may not already know, at the September County Commission meeting, commissioners appointed Glen Demorest to fill the District 18 seat. The seat was vacated by Mark Kelly, who is moving out of the district.

Demorest is a Principal Mission Planning Support Engineer at Fort Campbell and will serve in the District 18 seat until the election in August when he must run for reelection.

You may reach him at 931-647-3784 or by email at .

Please join me in welcoming Commissioner Demorest to the Commission and thank you for your interest in staying updated on the news of Montgomery County Government.

Carolyn Bowers
County Mayor

About Carolyn Bowers

Montgomery County's Mayor Carolyn Bowers
Montgomery County's Mayor Carolyn Bowers

Prior to becoming Mayor of Montgomery County, Mayor Bowers served two terms as County Trustee. As Trustee, she earned twenty million dollars through prudent investment of idle county funds. Mayor Bowers has utilized integrated accounting for all County departments by implementation of the MUNIS® system. MUNIS® integrates the mass of county accounting data making it possible to continuously monitor the budget and maximize efficiency for all users.


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