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Clarksville Police Department announces Chaplain Martinez goes from Volunteer Chaplain to Part-Time Chaplain

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – As of October 1st, 2013, the Clarksville Police Department (CPD) is pleased to announce Chaplain Modesto Martinez as the part-time Chaplain.

As the Chaplain at the CPD, he will assist in issues, such as; spiritual needs of officers and their families, counseling officers and their families, assist in community outreach programs, deliver specific notifications, and deal with transients and the homeless. These are just a few of the tasks for which Chaplain Martinez is responsible.

Chaplain Martinez is no stranger to the CPD. For the last ten years he was a reserve officer and then a volunteer Chaplain. Along with CPD experience, he has an impressive background.  He has been an ordained minister and pastor of Christian Fellowship Flock Church Inc. for over 21 years.

He has 22 years of military service. He was a military police officer 17 out of the 22 years in the military, with numerous deployments. He was, also, a mission pilot for the civil air patrol- Certified by US Customs, DEA, and FAA to conduct surveillance, search and rescue, etc.

In the year 2000 he was the president of the aviation Christian Ministry and Aviation Christian Magazine of his denomination. In 1995 he was appointed by Clarksville Mayor Don Trotter to be part of the committee that formed the Human Relation Commission of Clarksville, a task that was accomplished and continues to operate today.

In 1994 he was the founder and editor of the 1st Spanish Christian News Paper “El Faro de Luz”. For the last twenty plus years he has been doing countless work for our community.

Chaplain Matinez has, both, his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and his Doctorate’s Degree in Ministry. All three degrees are from Vision International University of TX.

Chaplain Martinez has been married to Sylvia E. Martinez (also a CPD Volunteer Chaplain) for the last 28 years. They have three children and two beautiful granddaughters.

We are grateful to have Chaplain Marinez and his family as part of the CPD family!


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