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Where Can You Find a Winning Team like this


TeachersClarksville, TN – Imagine this. Extensive training just for you is planned by a large group of professionals. The entire purpose of this training is to help you become successful in whatever career you choose.

These people are serious about creating challenges for every aspect of your interests and talents. They spend not only the hours of the day for which they are paid but stay late and constantly design even better training tools.

In the summer they take extra classes to hone their skills. They spend their own money to supplement the meager tools and equipment their company provides for them. They read constantly to learn new techniques that can make their professional skills more proficient.

In return, they make low salaries and struggle to keep their own financial heads above water. They know that when it comes time for their own retirement, they will be living on even more meager funds.

Still they persist in working for you as hard as they can.

They not only provide information that will lead you to a more successful career, but show you ways that life skills like learning to balance a checkbook or making your own clothes or choosing a more healthful diet can help you live longer and with more money in your pocket.

These professionals don’t always get the credit due them. Constant interference from politicians and business people who think they know more about the job than the people doing it causes constant stress. At times, criticism from many corners makes the professional feel that no matter what training method is used, someone is going to complain.

Measurement tools are tried out from year to year to see if these people can be categorized from top to bottom, creating jealousies and friction among the team on occasion. Supervisors do not always play fair; some have favorites who get benefits that others do not.

The team loses good members frequently because the stresses involved become too much or the low pay makes continuing impossible or health problems arise from the 24-7 pace.

Still others forge ahead in spite of difficulties. Core members of the team keep encouraging others to fight the good fight for the good of their charges who will one day enter the battlefield on their own—and will need all the help they can get in the meantime.

Daily irritations occur much too often. Although the professionals are highly educated themselves, they have many mundane tasks assigned. Huge mounds of paperwork take up much needed time that could be better spent working for better training techniques and remedial instruction for some who don’t understand the first time around. Statistics seem to be running the system as more and more numbers need to be crunched to prove that the task is being successful.

Team members continue to be creative. Whether or not the team member feels valued, the professional continues to do as nearly perfect a job as can be performed under the current conditions.

Vacations are rare as most “off time” is spent in professional development. Money is not plentiful unless the professional has a spouse who is earning well; traveling is not an option for most.

Occasionally, one of those being helped remembers to say “thank you.” Those who leave the system after many years of training and encouragement rarely return because they have gone on with their lives, taking for granted that whatever the professional did for them was just part of a job.

Why do these professionals deny their own best interests in order to serve others? They know that the future depends on what happens to these young people who will some day run the businesses, the hospitals, the police departments, the government—and yes, even the schools.

Who are these people? Why, teachers, of course.

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